Concern About the Future

In today’s gospel, Jesus addresses our concern about the future, and turns our attention back to our present reality. We are concerned about projecting our income, but what about our current relationships? We worry about economic growth, but at what cost to our environment? Jesus reminds us to concern ourselves with the things that will matter in the end. Before it’s too late, we will do well to focus not on the future but on the things that matter most—our love of God, family, our neighbors, and our Mother Earth.


  • TK

    I am wondering about the term “Mother Earth”. To me it is giving a sense of deity to something created by God. I may be reading more into this than I should or this may have been a poor choice of words.

  • MK

    Tk, I agree with you, but I wouldn’t give too much weight to what is written in this section. We click on what is called ‘Homily of the Day’, and a person would expect it to be from a priest or at least a deacon; but what you get is something by an unidentified person called ‘food for thought’. There is a lot of indication that it is written by a woman. And a lot of these ‘homilies’ tend to be slanted with new age and feminist ideas, and miss the message of the daily readings.