In the Old Testament, Israel received the Law from Yahweh through Moses. In the New Testament, Jesus was sent by Yahweh to fulfill the Law in its entirety. By his death on the cross, he destroyed the curse of the Law which is death for the sinner. Now he offers to us the possibility of fulfilling the Law by believing in him and asking for the Holy Spirit. Therefore Jesus did not come to abolish the Law but to fulfill it.

But we must not think that belief in God’s saving power is enough to be saved. The saving power of God enables us to behave as sons of God, to do what God wants – to obey the commandments. And to do so means to have eternal life in us. So we must not only have faith but also perform good deeds. When Jesus fulfilled the Law in his person, he raised it to a higher place through the spirit of the gospel. Therefore Christians do not see the commandments as a burden or a set of regulations but a way of life which brings about goodness and peace to one’s life. The Christian understands that to love is the underlying spirit of Jesus’ actions, and when he loves like Jesus, he discovers that it becomes easier to fulfill the Law. He is not afraid of the commandments but embraces them and makes Jesus his shining example of Christian love.