Clinton on Warpath, Vows to Fight Bush Protection of Pro-Life Medical Workers

Fearing tax-subsidized chemical abortions are threatened, Sen. Hillary Clinton has joined the anti-life campaign dedicated to fighting the Bush administration’s new plan to protect pro-life medical workers who refuse to fill prescriptions for medications causing  chemical abortions – including the birth control pill.

The proposed regulation has a myriad of ramifications for Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider. The new rule, if adopted, could threaten Planned Parenthood’s Title X funding for contraception and force the organization to stop pushing for discrimination against medical professionals who exercise their rights of conscience.

“For too long, Planned Parenthood’s been slithering its way past anti-discrimination laws,” said Judie Brown, president of American Life League, “and now here is Hillary Clinton – always at the ready to take up the banner in defense of some of her biggest supporters’, the billion-dollar abortion industry’s,  right to kill. It’s all too easy to see past her façade of caring for women’s health.”

Clinton joined Planned Parenthood Friday in vowing to fight the new proposal using whatever means necessary.

“Women would watch their contraceptive coverage disappear overnight [if the regulation were approved],” Clinton said at a press conference urging pro-abortion activists to sign her web site’s petition against the proposed changes.

Planned Parenthood has also launched a defensive campaign against the proposal, consisting primarily of asking supporters to send them more money and send President Bush notes expressing their disgust.

“How typical of the nation’s most gorged abortion giant. Everything is seen as an opportunity to bank off the killing of preborn children,” Brown said. “Even when faced with a serious threat to their monopoly of child-killing, Planned Parenthood can still find a way to rake in a few more bucks.”

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  • kirbys

    The choice for MANY women is a doctor or pharmacist who is not pushing contraceptives or abortions on women. These medical professionals are few and far between. Why don’t we have a choice? WHy aren’t we ancouraging our doctors to adhere to the original Hippocratic oath, for their sakes as well as ours?