Christian Vocation

Reading 1 Rom 10:9-18

Responsorial Psalm Ps 19:8, 9, 10, 11

Gospel Mt 4:18-22

Andrew was called to a specialized vocation within the Church, which Christ was to establish. A presupposition of Andrew’s call, however, was the more generic but more basic call to the “Way” of life established by Christ, to which all Christians are called. It’s important to realize this. There’s nothing special about a call to the priesthood or religious life. It’s not a call to a position of greater honor or privilege. It’s not a call to a life of deeper intimacy or friendship with Christ. It’s special only in the sense that fewer people are called to this way of life. Unfortunately, the tendency within the Church has been to set priests and religious apart, to put them on pedestals, all of which Christ warned against in the Gospel.

The important thing in life, after all, is not to be a priest or religious or a married person or a single person. The important thing for us is to fully live each day the life which God has individually called us to.