Christian Political Party Before Human Rights Commission for Speaking Against Homosexuality

The Christian Heritage Party of Canada (CHP) and its Leader Ron Gray are being investigated by the Canadian Human Rights Commission after a homosexual activist complained of material published on the Party's website he claims is offensive to homosexuals.

Homosexual activist Rob Wells of Edmonton, has previously launched human rights complaints against Christian activist Craig Chandler in Alberta and has now made formal complaints against the CHP and Gray.  Wells took issue with a 2002 WorldNetDaily news story republished on the CHP webpage as well as three Christian Heritage Party communiqués written by Gray.

The World Net Daily article in question concerned a study which found "Pedophilia more common among 'gays'".  (see the item here: )

Of the three communiqués, one was issued in 2004 and two in 2005.  The first of these condemned the actions of the self-styled "gay militia" who disrupted a Christian meeting by shouting down the speaker.  Gray used strong language to condemn the actions citing the gay militia, the "militant secularists and homosexuals" as the true "hate criminals."  He noted that homosexual activists work to "normalize sexual perversion" in schools because they "want to recruit our children into their debauched lifestyle." (See it here: )

The second took issue with Canada's bill to legalize same-sex 'marriage', saying, "Why would anyone even contemplate putting the nation's children at risk to pander to the sexual appetites of a tiny minority of mentally-ill adults?"  Gray added: "Yes, I said 'mentally ill'", noting that many psychiatrists still consider homosexuality a treatable disorder.  (See it here: )

The third item dealt with Canada's "cone of silence" around all discussion related to homosexuality.  The facts on homosexuality he stated are: "homosexuality is a treatable illness;  homosexuality is abnormal; homosexuality is extremely unhealthy, shortening life expectancy by decades." (see it here: )

In an interview with, Gray maintained he does not harbour any ill will toward persons with same-sex attractions, in fact just the opposite.

"Christians are probably the best friends homosexuals have in the world because we want to see them delivered from an addiction that will shorten their lives in this world and condemn them in the next, said Gray.  "I'm not motivated by hate at all.  I would guess that very few if any real Christians are motivated by hate in their response to these issues.  It's a question of compassion."

Gray added: "Who truly loves you, someone who tells you the truth even when it hurts, or someone who will tell you you're okay even when you're headed down the wrong road.  The Scripture says 'Faithful are the wounds of a friend, and deceitful are the kisses of an enemy.'"

The CHP Leader believes that the case is of highest importance also for the Conservative Government in Canada.  "I really think this is a crucial case because if an agency of the government, which the CHRC is, can tell a political party what it may and may not include in its political statements we have gone way down the road to totalitarianism," he said.

Gray says he wants to win the case but not by compromise but in a way which affirms freedom of religion, thought and political rights in Canada.  Rather than arguing before the human rights tribunals, Gray would prefer the case moves to the courts where the burden of proof is more stringent.  

Moreover, says Gray, if Wells "truly believes I'm motivated by hate, he should charge me with a hate crime" under the existing Canadian hate crime law. 

"I'm willing to go to jail over this," Gray told

Costs for the initial defense before the tribunal are expected to come to $20,000. Canadian Human Rights procedures give overwhelming advantage to plaintiffs. Defendents are liable not only for their own costs but also for those of the plaintiff plus fines should the complaint be upheld.

To donate to Gray's defense fund:

Ron Gray legal defense fund
Ron McDonald law office 
406 Stafford Dr. South
Lethbridge AB
G1J 2L2

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  • Guest

    Unbelievable.  Apparently free speech doesn't exist in Canada.  My husband and I are pursuing adoption, and unfortunately most domestic adoption agencies allow same-sex couples to adopt.  Why a birthmother would place her baby with a same-sex couple, when there are so many married (heterosexual) couples who long for a baby, is beyond me.  If I were a birthmother, I would never even consider that, and I would especially be afraid that a male couple would be very likely to sexually molest the child.

  • Guest

    Canada would be a people conquered and enslaved if it wasn't for their geographical location.

  • Guest

    We dodged a bullet in Congress this year that would have made it "hate speech" for even clergy to talk against same-sex orientation. The whole bill was far too close to passing to make me believe that we are bit at risk for political correctness to take from us the free speech Claire references. We must be vigilant so that these precious rights are not legislated away from us in the interest of diversity, tolerance, etc.


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