Christ Inescapable

Fear of Loneliness

One way or another, Christ will find us.

So, St. Athanasius seems to suggest in an intriguing passage near the end of the classicOn the Incarnation, written in the fourth century to defend the orthodox teachings on Christ against heretics like Arius.

In a way, this was the whole point of the Incarnation, according to Athanasius. He writes:

The Word of God thus acted consistently in assuming a body and using a human instrument to vitalize the body. He was consistent in working through man to reveal Himself everywhere, as well as through the other parts of His creation, so that nothing was left void of His Divinity and knowledge. For I take up now the point I made before, namely that the Savior did this in order that He might fill all things everywhere with the knowledge of Himself, just as they are already filled with His presence (Chapter 45).

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