Chinese Hot Dogs

If you’re headed to Beijing for the Summer Olympics, I’ve got bad news: no dog meat for you.

According to The New York Times, the Beijing Catering Trade Association has ordered 112 designated Olympic restaurants to take dog off the menu.

As it goes, dogs have been raised for grub in China for thousands of years. The communists running the joint are afraid their gastronomic preferences might offend foreigners.

Boy, they got that right. Nothing is more offensive to Americans than the thought of having man’s best friend for supper. (Medium-rare roverhouse? Buffalo paws?)

Which got me to thinking about the cleverness of our friends in China. They’re pulling out all the stops to portray China in the best possible light.

Sure, they’re among the biggest polluters in the world — no environmental regulations are slowing down their economic growth — so they’re firing anti-smog pellets into the air.

Sure, they’re among the most repressive nations in the world — they monitor and censure citizens and a fellow will end up in the clink if he dares criticize his government — but Internet access appears to be widely available in the hotels where foreigners are staying.

Sure, they’ve modernized Beijing with upscale shops and Starbucks, but then we learn the cabs are equipped with hidden microphones so Big Brother can listen in on the conversations of visitors.

The party leaders are stumbling a little as they try to mask the ugliness of communism — the torture, the jailing of dissidents and religious leaders, the lack of basic rights that Americans take entirely for granted — but by and large they’ll probably pull it off.

They’ll pull it off because many Americans will let them. Rather than see communism as an evil ideology — one that has exterminated more than 100 million people — some Americans feel we have no right to criticize it.

Some Americans believe communism is just another form of government. Who are we to impose our ideas on other cultures that may see things differently?

What’s worse: Some Americans think America is the real evildoer in the world.

Some are so forgetful of where our freedom came from — or that freedom is the engine that unleashed the economic miracles that produced the most productive, prosperous nation in the history of mankind — that they think socialism or communism is just as good and maybe even better.

I think the fellows running China are on to all of this — they know we’ve gone soft.

These fellows are hungry — they have a fire in the belly that is driving them to regain their greatness. Whereas their history dates back 5,000 years, they view America as a temporary upstart.

They know how hard it is to attain wealth and power. And while they are clawing their way upward — they aren’t troubled by global warming or disturbing the habitat of the double-billed blue duck — they know many Americans have no idea how hard wealth and power are to keep.

Consider: Some 70 percent of our energy comes from foreign sources — a great vulnerability. Despite the fact that oil prices are wreaking havoc on our economy — or that a major disruption to the world’s oil supply could cripple us — many in Congress STILL want to restrict drilling.

They want us to properly inflate our tires and conserve. And I think the fellows running China are onto this. I think they know us better than we know them.

They know Americans will be far more troubled that the Chinese are eating dog than we will be about the really nasty stuff they are up to or the troubling fact that their economy is growing a lot faster than ours.

While the world hopes that China’s growth leads to a free, open, modern society, I’m guessing communist party leaders have a different notion.

I’ll bet they’re dreaming of the day that fortunes reverse entirely — the day when waiters around the world say, “You want fries with your Labrador burger?”

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  • China’s one child policy will be shown for the cultural suicide it is within 20 to 40 years. China’s growth will not be sustained past that point.

  • Warren Jewell

    Arkanabar – fascinating name – the problem is that China will have twenty million frustrated males to sic on the world twenty years from now.

    Yes, widespread sexual assaults on women will increase, as their preference for male offspring comes to its horrible fruition. Maybe, their one-child tyranny will be re-cast to make female children more prized, by taxation, ‘reverse-discrimination-affirmative-action’ forced abortions, etc.

    But, boys, meanwhile, go assault, say, Taiwan and Japan rather than the local girls.

    And, hey, how about those soft Westerners? Plus, they have a lot more girls, after all. Sort of what Hitler’s hordes presumed about any ‘provincial’ girls, and of the veiled ‘promise’ Stalin gave his troops about German girls . . . indeed, a likely ‘promise’ made by any tyrant to those he would have conquer for him.

  • dennisofraleigh

    I wouldn’t feel too bad about the dearth of dog meat on the Beijing menus this year. The dogs were probably raised on locally produced tainted dog food anyway.

    Looks like in another generation India and China’s populations will be very male, and Japan’s very old (and in economic straits) thanks to their obsessions with population control (strongly biased in favor of males over females in India and China). Were it not for America’s (relatively) more liberal immigration policies (compared to other countries we treat our illegal population with kid gloves) we might be facing a European-style attrition. As it is, because of immigration we in the U.S. continue to maintain a ready supply of new workers/taxpayers—of both genders. True, they arrive mainly from the Latin south, but Christian and pro-children nonetheless.

    Europe’s traditional white/Christian population is slowly being displaced (new sci-fi movie idea, borrowing a theme from an earlier classic: “Invasion of the Culture Snatchers”) by non-Western/Muslim immigrants from Turkey, North Africa and other Muslim nations.

  • Narwen

    Re: Dog on the menu…

    Where did you think the name “Chow Chow” came from ?
    On the other hand, in Imperial China, some dogs were worth more than some people. It is said that at one time, the babies of nursing slave girls would be murdered so that they could be wet nurses to Pekinese puppies. Just owning certain dogs was punishable by death if one was not of the proper status.
    It all depended on class, whether one was human or canine. (There is something similar among the Bedouin. Most dogs are ‘unclean’ and treated like garbage, but purebred sighthounds like salukis, sloughis, and Afghan hounds are prized and cherished. )