Child of Crowns

Eternity the Child came forward
Old and young, by Father sired —
"Candle flames' infinity
Consume the universe you see

"For I am born a timeless birth
Unending life a candle's worth,
The brilliant many lights My one
Bright integer of God the Son

"And by my burning melting flows
Down the candle of your woes,
A drop to soften, fall and mend
The wax of you that has no end

"I am the Child of mercy's seal
To fix the heart, and soul anneal,
Melt all signs to signature —
Though it be mingled it is pure

"An inch of burning wax or less,
A drop, an atom to confess
By lumined love — it is enough
That nothing may My candle snuff

"And how? In gladness unconfined
By any cell within the mind,
For My parole's to say My name
Within this warm unsinge-ing flame

"And length of time? — unstopping bliss
Unbounded and unweary this
Infinity of many parts
That take the colors of My arts

"My loves' construction be the sum
Of universe and kingdom come,
A palace of complexity
Royal built inside My unity"

And now this Child of crowns withdrew —
Unmajestied the world I knew
As if by abdication so
That He might stay as well as go

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