Challenging LA County’s Caving in to ACLU

The Thomas More Law Center announced that is has filed a petition with the US Supreme Court, asking the high court to review the Law Center's challenge to the Los Angeles County's policy decision to remove a small cross from the County's official seal because it is a Christian symbol. The cross had been a part of the official seal since 1957.

On June 1, 2004, LA County supervisors caved in to an intimidating ACLU letter demanding removal of the cross. The County's decision set off a firestorm of protest and resulted in the present lawsuit.

According to Richard Thompson, President and Chief Counsel of the Law Center, "This is another example of the ACLU's plan to purge every symbol of Christianity from the public square. That organization seems to have a particular aversion to crosses. The cross on the LA seal merely represented the history and heritage of LA County; it was not placed on the seal to promote Christianity. Nevertheless, by their unnecessary removal of the cross, the LA County Board of Supervisors chose to offend Christians, rather than fight the ACLU."

The lawsuit was brought on behalf of Mr. Ernesto Vasquez, a County employee, who objected to the removal of the cross because it showed hostility towards Christians. According to the lawsuit, LA County's official act ordering removal of the cross "conveyed an impermissible state-sponsored message of disapproval of and hostility toward Christianity in violation of the Establishment Clause."

Robert Muise, the Law Center attorney handling the case, commented, "This case will provide the court with the opportunity to abandon its much maligned Establishment Clause jurisprudence in favor of a standard that is consistent with our Nation's religious history."

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    Perhaps someone should convince the ACLU to sue to have the names of various California cities changes due to their Christian roots….San Diego, San Francisco, Los Angeles just to name a couple. I'm pretty sure Sodom and Gomorrah are free for use if they need to rename them.

  • Guest

    Actually, I've heard that the ACLU is already working on that.

    I remember reading about the city of Las Cruces, with not just their symbol, but their name as well.