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Real life can find us or those we love confronting major challenges, not knowing where to turn.

Women Talking on BenchIs our marriage in trouble?  How should we educate our children?  Perhaps a close friend confesses she had an abortion and doesn’t know how to find forgiveness.  Our sister’s husband may be out of work. There’s been a death in the family and everyone feels shattered.  What can we do?


Catholic Exchange publishes insightful articles about such challenges, but now we are preparing to do even more—significantly more.

We are launching “The Help and Healing Campaign” to underwrite Resource Pages on major life challenges.  We hope to debut the first of these in the next couple of weeks.  Our staff has been working tirelessly in this effort.

Our Resource Pages will gather in one place all the best Catholic resources available for specific problems.  Each Resource Page will deal with one issue and operate almost like a mini-site unto itself.

Interested in homeschooling but don’t know how to begin?  Go to the Resource Page on homeschooling—a one-stop information guide for beginners and seasoned homeschoolers alike.

Are there Catholic programs, videos, books, and workshops about abortion recovery?  There are, indeed.  Start on the road to healing with our Abortion Recovery Resource Page.

Currently, we are planning Resource Pages on Homeschooling, Building Great Marriages, Abortion Recovery, and Overcoming Substance Abuse, with more to follow.    We can put together these invaluable tools of evangelization just as fast as we have the needed funds.


We need your help to complete this effort! Please consider donating $10, $25, $100 or more toward “The Help and Healing Campaign” by clicking here.  If you are able to do so, make this a monthly donation.

When we launch such initiatives as “The Help and Healing Campaign,” we do so on faith, because we believe your support will be there, as it always has been.  We do it because we believe that together we can use our Resource Pages to minister to thousands upon thousands of hurting people.Two Men Talking

How many times have you had a friend come to you and say, “My husband and I are just not getting along.”  Or another ask , “How can I put the past behind me?  I can’t take it any more.”  What if you could say, “I’ll pray with you and then I know a great website where we can find the best help out there”?

That’s evangelization.  That’s showing the love of Christ to someone who really needs to experience Christ’s love, right here and right now.  I bet you can think of three or four people, at this very moment, who could benefit.

Please support “The Help and Healing Campaign” by clicking here.  Your family and friends’ future could be at stake and even their souls.  Let Catholic Exchange be your partner in helping those you love.  Make a generous donation today.

God bless you for it!

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  • chaco

    Has the “Era of Peace” / “New Springtime” promised at Fatima & spoken of by Blessed JP II begun ?  Lucia; witness to Fatima revelation, stated; “The Period of Peace does not refer to civil peace.” It is not merely  the absence of external conflict. It is a positive interior quality, which is a gift from Jesus ( see John 14: 27 ) beginning in our Hearts and flowing out to others. It’s a Peace that “surpasses understanding.” ( Phil. 4: 7 ). I feel like the aspiration here is a sure sign of “Spring”. [Think of a downtrodden soul being uplifted by a vast array of vibrantly colored flowers enlivened with frolicking bluebirds, a fawn & honey bees.]  “Come Lord Jesus.”

  • Youth4JP2

    Request: I’m a youth minister and constantly get “I/my friend/my brother has same sex attraction…”