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The question for this week is:

Did the consecration of Russia take place or not (per Our Lady’s request via the visionaries of Fatima)?


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  • James H, London

    The problem with consecrating Russia alone in 1984 was, it wasn’t the only force for world communism at the time. There were agents from all over Eastern Europe, in every western democracy, and media and the universities were full of people who were convinced that Marxism was The Way Things Were Going. They still are, as it happens.

    I can’t help thinking that Gorbachev coming to power in Russia the year after the consecration of the whole world, was no coincidence. Russia is now a Gangster Republic, but at least they’re no longer capable of exporting murder and mayhem all over the world. Come to think of it, with their demographic collapse, there may well not even be a Russia by the end of this century.

  • Brennan

    No. Does that answer your question?

  • Brennan

    The request was specifically for Russia (not “the world”) to be consecrated in union with the Bishops. This has simply never taken place and as a result one can see the complete lack of any conversion of Russia or a period of peace.

    And the argument that Russia was consecrated because Russia is contained within “the world” is specious at best. By that criteria one could have consecrated “the universe” or “the multiverse” and still fulfilled Our Lady’s wishes.

  • JMC

    Russia may not be the only force for world Communism, but it is the one from which Communism originated, which is only ONE of the errors that Russia spread. The point is that Russia is the nation God chose to be the instrument of conversion of the world; therefore, it is Russia that is specifically to be consecrated. Oh, and by the way, yes, it may be a “Gangster Republic” now, but don’t kid yourself: Officially its government and economic model are still Communist.
    Some may point out that Sister Lucia told us that the 1984 consecration of the world was accepted by God. Yes, it was. Don’t know how many here remember, but right around that time, there was an accidental launching of a Russian missile that was aimed at the US. The missile was destroyed in flight and never reached us, but there was a major diplomatic flap, and for a short time, it was looking like the Cold War was going to go hot, but war was, thankfully, averted. I attribute that directly to the consecration of the world.
    Yes, Russia is included in the world. But seriously? You can’t consecrate something without mentioning it specifically, by name. In 1984, the Pope was prevented from even naming the “people who are still awaiting” the fulfillment of the request. Secondly, the consecration is supposed to be performed by the Pope WITH ALL THE BISHOPS OF THE WORLD, simultaneously. The consecration of the world was performed by the Pope only. Therefore, it did not meet Our Lady’s specifications.

  • Max

    No. The consecration must be specific just as when items are specifically concentrated such as a parish, chalice, cups. Sacred items are specifically concentrated not a blanket concecration of everything.

  • Max

    I mean consecrated not concentrated

  • Timothy

    If a priest were to try and consecrate rice wine nothing would happen. A consecration is specific and obedient. My ways are not your ways…. . We invite the Russians to consecrate us a revered Orthodoox Icon at the same time the Pope follows exactly what the Mother reqested.

  • I think there’s a deeper question here, but let me say first that I consider the Fatima apparitions as worthy of credit and of supernatural origin. Having said that: should the Pope and the bishops obey a personal, private revelation not given to them directly, and perform a unique liturgical act? Since what the Pope binds on earth is bound in heaven and since he said – Blessed John Paul did – he did it, and intended it to be that way, why isn’t that enough? It is for me!

  • The only time the Magisterium of the Catholic Church has addressed this issue of the consecration was an instruction from the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Fatin, in 2000. In a quotation written by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger (later Pope Benedict) he says, “Sister
    Lucia personally confirmed that this solemn and universal act of consecration
    corresponded to what Our Lady wished (“Sim,
    està feita, tal como Nossa Senhora a pediu, desde o dia 25 de Março de 1984”:
    “Yes it has been done just as Our Lady asked, on 25 March 1984”: Letter of 8
    November 1989). Hence any further discussion or request is without basis.”.
    In an article in Inside the Vatican by Delia Gallagher, it was mentioned that Sister Lucia had a special vision that confirmed theaction corresponded to Our Lady’s requests. Cardinal Ricardo Vidal of Cebu in the Philippines also said that Sr Lucia had told him, “If the consecration had not been done in 1984, there would have been nuclear war in 1985”.
    Suffice to say, the Church has not endeavoured to repeat this action again, so it would be a fair statement the postion of the Catholic Church is that it has been done. They are aware of the campaigns to perform the collegial consecration of Russia, and to my knowledge, the Holy See has never given encouragement to any of these individuals. So I don’t understand, if the Church says it has been done, why do people behave as if this is of no consequence.

  • Rachmaninov

    In the new book Heralds of the Second Coming, there is a new aspect of Fatima which relates the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary to the return of Jesus in glory-through writings of Cardinal Ratzinger/Pope Benedict XVI

  • James C.

    Of course it didn’t happen. The Soviet Union is still communist, the Iron Curtain and Berlin Wall still stand, and the Cold War continues. Oh… Uh, wait a minute…

    Well, when Lucia said the consecration took place, she was forced to. It wasn’t actually her that said it. In fact it was never said at all.

  • jmj

    As someone once said, the consecration in 1984 was “like someone making a recipe for beef stew and forgetting to mention beef”.

  • John

    Well said

  • The late Sister Lucia of Fatima had maintained that the collegial consecration took place and, although not every bishop joined the Holy Father in this endeavor, apparently there were enough of them to have the act accepted by God. Five years after the event, the Soviet Union came tumbling down and Russia stopped spreading the errors of Communism, though those errors continue to cause untold devastation in other areas of the world, particularly – that Pope Benedict XVI had pointed out – a tyranny of atheistic secularism and moral relativism. I do believe that God accepted the consecration in part, not in whole, and there are many instances in the Bible where He lessened His punishments but not eradicated them due to sin.

  • Midwester

    Fatima is the only revelation in history to be accompanied by the tremendous miracle of the sun. It was ratified by many signs, including the incorruptible body if Jacinta. It may be a private revelation, but the Portugese Bishops acted on our Lady’s request and consecrated Portugal to her Immaculate Heart, with the wonderful effect that the Masonic government of Portugal was peacefully changed to a Catholic one, and that Portugal was spared both the Spanish Civil War and World War II. You ignore heaven’s warnings to your peril, even if it comes through a “private revelation”.

  • Midwester

    Several consecrations have been done: Pius XII, John Paul II (twice). Pius XII did not perform it publicly in union with the bishops, and John Paul II did not mention Russia by name for fear of upsetting relations with the Orthodox. John XXIII ignored it, Paul VI disbelieved it and would not have done it anyway since it would have upset his Ostpolitic. I believe you need to do more research on the subject to see to what extent the hair splitting by the Vatican has led to the state we are in now. I suggest you start with the 4 volume series “The Whole Truth About Fatima”, and go from there. You might find, though, the it leads to a whole host of disturbing questions.

  • And yet, the Church’s “business” is not to preach Fatima, but to preach the Gospel. Inasmuch as the message of Fatima squares with the Gospel – and it does – living the Gospel is accomplishing Our Lady’s last REVEALED commandment: “Do as He (Jesus) tells you to do.”

    Living the Gospel is living the Message of Fatima, but living the Gospel is first and foremost because as you know, it’s sanctioned by the Sign of Jonah.

  • Sr. Lucia said John Paul II accomplished it. End of matter.

  • D.R. Daily

    So communism is at America’s doorstep because JPII decided to be politically correct with Russia. That’s it in a nutshell. It was also in the 80’s when this country ramped up its progressive agenda from behind the scenes, now it is breathing down our throats.

  • Fatimite

    The question should be: Did the consecration of Russia take place as Our Lady requested or not. Many consecrations have been done, even one by Pius XII mentioning Russia by name, but none have heeded the very specific request by Our Lady that the Holy Father, in union with the bishops of the world, consecrate Russia to her Immaculate Heart. Sr. Lucy was very adamant up until she was ordered to take a vow of silence (which ironically was shortly before 1960) that consecrations had been made, and good would come from them, but that heaven still awaited the consecration as outlined by Our Lady.

    Look, there are many within the Church who would love nothing more than to bury Fatima and the fact that Pope Francis had his Petrine Ministry consecrated to Our Lady of Fatima must have them pulling out their hair. This is just the first step which will ultimately lead to this pope–Francis–making the consecration in union with the bishops as requested which will bring about conversion and peace.

    When asked what conversion meant, Sr. Lucy basically said nothing short of the wholesale conversion of the Russian people to Catholicism. Today, in a country with nearly 150,000,000 inhabitants, only 500,000 or so are Catholic. The average Russian woman has something like 10 abortions. That’s some conversion!

    For anyone interested in learning more about this I recommend Socci’s “The Fourth Secret of Fatima” or Frere Michele’s “The Whole Truth about Fatima.”

  • Charles Fears

    and according to the prophecy of the

    Roman stigmatist Antonio Ruffini), the second Pope after John Paul II

    who will finally consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

    together with all the bishops of the world. Russia will be converted.

    Her Immaculate Heart will triumph. A vast multitude of Russian

    Traditionalists will enter the Catholic Church. Russia will be

    converted and the Church will revert back to Her traditions. There

    will be peace. But this will take place after the chastisement.

    Shortly before spring 1991, when I visited
    Fatima, Our Lady

    revealed to Sister Lucy (according to a very reliable source in

    Fatima) that the Third Secret would be revealed during the course of a

    major war. The Third Secret has not yet been fully revealed, as even

    Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger admitted in a private conversation with a

    German speaking person, a personal friend of Pope John Paul II for

    many years (who is personally known to me) who confronted him about

    the alleged publication of the “whole” Third Secret. Ratzinger

    answered: “Truly, that was not all of it.” The Third Secret will be

    revealed, but it will be late: only after the next world war will have

    broken out.

  • Julia

    I remember reading at one time that Blessed John Paul 11, also privately consecrated “Russia” to Immaculate Heart of Mary on one occasion when he was in Poland.

    I am so puzzled at why Russian politicians or Church authorities in Russia should be afraid of the mother of Jesus. Common you tough guys, don’t be afraid of the Blessed Virgin Mary. She won’t bite you, you know. She just wants to bring Peace and Prosperity to you all in Russia.
    love from Julia.

  • Charles Fears

    From http://www.locutions.org/category/the-next-pope/

    by Monsignor John Esseff

    2. A Pope With
    A Burning Heart


    all begins to become clear to the cardinals, they will see the greatness of
    their call and the overwhelming responsibility that has fallen to them. They
    will see the state of the world, so ready to rip apart at the seams. They will
    see a Church, bringing in a full harvest in some continents and having little
    to show in others. They will see the Muslim threat, ever growing and always

    they will see more. They will see my Sacred Heart, filled with love yet so many
    times rejected, even by my Church. Into my heart they must enter. Only there
    will they see and understand. No one should sit upon the Chair of Peter unless
    he is close to my heart. I have not called an intellectual. I have not called a
    charming personality. I want one kind of pope – a pope whose heart burns with
    mine, whose wisdom comes from the Holy Spirit, and whose papacy will follow my
    direction. Anyone else is not acceptable at this moment in the history of the
    world and the Church.


    I will
    speak clearly. The words must be like a knife, cutting to the heart. Do not
    give me a pope who will not consecrate Russia to my Immaculate Heart. Let him
    not be vague on this issue. It is already late, very late. This must be his
    primary goal. Consecrating Russia must have been in his heart years ago. I will
    reject every candidate for whom the consecration of Russia is not first in
    their hearts. If their names are put forth, I will personally defeat them. I
    will act through those who are my closest friends.

    I have
    foreseen this conclave. I have inspired Pope Benedict concerning those whom he
    selected as cardinals. I have many cardinals who cherish the consecration of
    Russia. Some do this more openly than others. This issue is not to be set aside.
    If those who lead the conclave want to put it under the table, then I will
    raise up those who will put it back on the table. Consecrating Russia must be
    the pope’s first dream, not his afterthought or something that he might get to.

  • Lee

    You speak as if you have authority with knowledge of things some of us are just learning. Can you tell us who we are looking forward to fighting in the next world war? I’ve been praying for peace so there is none.

  • patrick

    To state that the consecration has not taken place implies that the Holy Father (both JPII and Benedict) cannot be trusted and that YOU know better than they do. We should all pray for humility and the grace not to chose form over substance.

  • carmlrose

    yes , Pope JPll did it!

  • ce

    The consecration has not been done as directed by heaven, this is true. Was the 1984 consecration of the world accepted by heaven?

    Can we negotiate our way into heaven?

    Not to get off the track to far but, has the explaination to the vision of the third secret given by heaven, ever been release ? No.

    What is within Fatima’s secrets that the Vatican judges we are not to know and yet heaven wanted us to know by 1960,” because it would be better understood by then”?

    Some say there was not an explaination to the third secret given. But, would our Lady want just that vison released in 1960 to the world ? It is rather disturbing and would have been deemed, certainly in 1960, in the worlds future.. Was heaven to leave the world to draw it’s own conclusions about that vision, if it were given by 1960 ?

    Many things were happening about then, Vatican II, FDA blessings on the first birth control pill, and the cold war. Did Mary really never tell the children what they were seeing when the third secret’s vision was presented to them? She did when the children of Fatima were given the vision of hell..

    All I am saying is Fatima has many secrets, those created from heaven, which were to be reveled to save souls and those from man.
    Heres the thing. Was this consecation of Russia really done and accepted? There will always be a question about that due to the manmade secrets of Fatima. The solution is to just do the consecration again, this time just as requested. God knows the world could use it. What harm could it do?

    I pray Pope Francis will do this, you should too.

    Just my thoughts.

  • maryservant

    I think the bigger question is are we, as individuals,consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary?Her triumph begins in us! Are we dutifully praying our rosaries and living the way of the gospel messages? Are we making sacrfices of reparation, observing the 5 first Saturdays? Our Lady will not triumph unless she triumphs in us first!

  • Shawn Albert

    I wish people would wake up and smell the coffee. Go here:


    Scroll down to this section:

    Consecration of all Individuals and Peoples of the World
    to the Immaculate Heart of Mary (1984)

    Scroll down to the last paragraph of section 2, here is the paragraph I am referring to:

    Mother of the Church!
    Enlighten the People of God along the paths of faith, hope and love! Enlighten especially
    the peoples whose consecration and entrustment by us you are awaiting. Help us to live in
    the truth of the consecration of Christ for the entire human family of the modern world.

    Pay particular attention to the 2nd sentence which reads (my emphasis):


    If the Consecration had been done, according the statements of the Blessed Virgin Mary, what is that sentence about? John Paul II admitted right there that the Consecration was not done.

    I keep hearing how we’re supposed to listen to the Pope, and how he has supreme power in the Church and all that. Strangely enough,when some people (so called “conservative Catholics) want to push their view on so called Traditionalists, they love to throw the Pope at them, but when the Pope says something the so called conservatives don’t want to believe, oh well, what he said doesn’t really matter.

    Also, we keep being told that Sister Lucy said in 1989 that it was done. Where’s the video or audio recording that proves it? All we have is a story circulated by Fr. Robert J. Fox and others CLAIMING she said it was done.

    In addition, if the Consecration was really done in 1984, then 2

    In 2000, what was the point of that “Entrustment” to Mary all about?

    And 2nd, why didn’t John Paul II just order Sister Lucy to say it was done on that occasion?

    What better time? Sister Lucy could have settled the debate once and for all. But as evidenced by those who do not accept the Pope’s own words on the very occasion of the so called “Consecration” which have been public knowledge for 30 years, anything Sister Lucy would have said would have been dismissed as well.

  • oldsterone

    My guess is not entirely.

    Pope Francis is the man shown to Sebastian, Jancita and Lucia, in the third secret. I believe he is the pope that will fulfill this prophecy.

    The Marian reading is available to anyone. First, Pope Benedict resigned on Feb. 11, which is the Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes. Next, with what more than one cardinal has described as supernatural nudging, Pope Francis is elected on March 13, 2013; all of you know the importance of this number, as each apparition (except when the children were briefly in prison) happened on the 13th of each month.

    Pope Francis then asked that his pontificate be consecrated in Fatima to Our Lady of Fatima; this really did happen on May 13, the very Feast of Fatima.

    The Pope gunned down in front of the Cross was wearing all white, which Francis has worn since day one…

    He might be the one…he might declare the fifth Marian Dogma…he might consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary…he might die the death of a martyr, as he has forsaken the protective vehicle John Paul II and Benedict rode in.

    His death might come in Jerusalem; he was invited to go there in 2014, and has assented to this.

  • James Glavin

    First and foremost, it was not Cardinal Ratzinger who disclosed the confirmation from Sister Lucia that the Consecration had be done in 1984, in the commentary published by the Holy See in 2000. It was then Archbishop Bertone, who wrote an opinion prior to the actual commentary by Cardinal Ratzinger authorized by John Paul II on May 13th, 2000. This claim by the Archbishop is from his visit to Sister Lucia in 1989 when, as he has claimed, Sister Lucia made this affirmation to his question.
    In his book, The Last Visionary, he also claimed that Sister Lucia admitted to him that Our Lady did not suggest that the Secret may not be revealed until 1960; but that she herself had picked the date. Ergo, Sister Lucia is an unreliable witness.
    Secondly, it should be noted that there were three Acts of Entrustment, a phrase chosen by John Paul II according to the Archbishop in the Commentary. In 1981, 1982 and 1984. Incidentally, another Act of Entrustment was done by John Paul II in October 2000.
    On May 13th,2000, Cardinal Sodarno, Secretary of State, in announcing the soon to be released Secret, changed the words of Sister Lucia with the notorius words, “he too falls to the ground, as if dead, under a burst of gunfire.” He cemented his opinion of the message into the future by then claiming that the shooting referred to the 1981 attempted assassination of John Paul II. He went on to say that it appears that Fatima now belongs to the past. Neatly done, Emminence!

    Sister Lucia’s words referring to the Holy Father are as follows: “having reached the top of the mountain, on his knees in front of the big Cross he was killed by a group of soldiers who fired bullets and arrows at him, and in the same way there died one after another the other Bishops, Priests, men and women religious, and various lay people of different ranks and positions.”
    Something smells fishy in Denmark!

  • Michael Mc Bride

    Actually, the Consecration of Russia as requested by Our Lady at Fatima has not yet taken place as Our Lady stipulated. Even Bl. John Paul II, on the very day in which he consecrated the WORLD to the Immaculate Heart of Mary — Marach 25, 1984 — indicated twice that the Our Lady was still awaiting that Consecration. Later that year, and again in 1985, Sr. Lucia said that the onsecration of 1984 performed by Bl. John Paul II did not comply with the wishes of Heaven. In addition, many of the bishops of the world did not take part in the Consecration, or were simply not interested at all. The world still awaits that Consecration, in the way Our Lady asked.
    Michael Mc Bride

  • attagirl

    The Consecration has not been done. Go to traditioninaction.org and see that there is more to the story. They even switched Lucys. See the pictorial evidence for yourself.

    This is a high stakes game.
    Whatever you think–say your Rosary every day. Our Lady wants to help us, but we need to prepare the way.

  • Reader of prophecy

    THE CONSECRATION OF RUSSIA TO MY IMMACULATE HEART WAS NOT CARRIED OUT AS I ASKED: the Vicar of Rome unitedwith the bishops of the world and all the believers at the same time and in unity.” May 13, 1013 (note the date)


  • Reader of prophecy

    Sorry for the error in the date. I am repeating the message:
    unitedwith the bishops of the world and all the believers at the same
    time and in unity.” May 13, 2013 (note the date)


  • aprolifer

    I was aware that Lucia said that God had accepted JPII’s consecration of the world as fulfilling Our Lady’s request at Fatima, but I wasn’t aware that the Church had made an official pronouncement to that effect. It was my impression that JPII had consecrated “the world” rather than “Russia” specifically, because of the political climate of the time in which he did it, perhaps because of his own experience with Communism and/or because he was afraid retaliation would occur by Russia against the Christians in the then-captive nations under Russia’s thumb. If that were the case, it would be reasonable that Heaven would accept what JPII had done as enough to bring down Communism in Russia, but one has only to read about the conditions among the Russian people now to understand that they don’t live as a people consecrated to Our Lady; they are more or less without religious influence in their lives, and now that it is safe to do so, it seems reasonable to me that Heaven might be asking for more, the “full consecration” so to speak.

    Does that seem reasonable to you?

  • mwxyz49

    No, the true consecration of Russia HAS NOT been done. The original message requested that she be consecrated by name alone, together with all the bishops of the world in a solemn act by the Pope. Also, does anyone see any signs of Russia being converted to the Catholic faith? Abortion and other sins are rampant there. I just keep hoping and praying that our Holy Father will recongnize this and do the consecration the way it’s supposed to be done.

  • FatimaToday

    Sr Lucy always said that Our Lady requested the Consecration of Russia, and only Russia… But time passed and the consecration was not done, so Our Lord was deeply offended… We can influence events. This is a fact!… Our Lord appeared to Sr. Lucy and told her: “They will do the consecration but it will be late!” I feel shivers running down my spine when I hear those words “it will be late.” Our Lord goes on to say: “The conversion of Russia will be a Triumph that will be recognized by the entire world”… Yes, in 1984 the Pope (John Paul II) quite timidly attempted to consecrate Russia in St Peter’s Square. I was there just a few feet away from him because I was the organizer of the event… he attempted the Consecration but all around him were some politicians who told him “you can’t name Russia, you can’t!” And he asked again: “Can I name it?” And they said: “No, no, no!” —Fr. Gabriel Amorth (Chief Excorsist in Rome), interview with Fatima TV, November, 2012;

  • And whose visions are these. There are no details.

  • Midwester

    Not so. Sr. Lucia did not say it. The letter she purportedly wrote was typed (she never typed any letter) and it was revealed by Bertone, who also penned the now discredited interpretation of the Third Secret of Fatima. There is good evidence that Bertone coerced Sr. Lucia into writing what she did. Read the dedication of Russia that Pope John Paul II wrote again. it is clear that he realized it was insufficient and did not meet our Lady’s request. As I wrote before, you need to do more research on this.

  • Ted

    Yes people the consecration took place and was accepted by Heaven according to Sister Lucia after John Paul II conducted the ceremony in 1984. Don’t be deceived and let the evil one have a horse laugh! Russia is on the road to conversion but I cannot say the same for the US unfortunately! Let us pray….

  • Midwester

    I don’t believe anyone is arguing with you on your point that the call of Fatima is the call to live the gospel. You are creating a straw man argument. Your original point was that the revelation was private, and therefore it is implied that individuals do not need to pay attention to it. However, when every Pope since Pius XI has mentioned Fatima and acknowledged it’s Supernatural character, when the Church creates a Feast to her in the Roman Calendar, it is obvious that it takes on a greater significance than a mere “private” revelation.
    The purpose of our Lady’s appearance at Fatima was to save souls from hell. She came out of concern for her wayward children. Are we then to ignore her motherly concern for us and for those who are far from our Lord? In actual fact, if we all truly lived the gospel, there would not have been a need for her to come and offer her salutory warning to this world. Again, I encourage you to more research into Fatima. i believe your opinion would change if you knew more about the real history of the apparitions and the seers.

  • Midwester

    You are absolutely correct in everything you’ve said. I, too recommend both Socci’s book and that of Frere Michele.

  • Midwester

    Lee, Blessed Sr. Elena Aiello, Foundress of the Minim Sisters and recently beatified had this to say: “ANOTHER TERRIBLE WAR WILL COME FROM THE EAST TO THE WEST. RUSSIA WITH
    HER SECRET ARMIES WILL BATTLE AMERICA; WILL OVERRUN EUROPE.” The quote is from her biography, but can also be found on the following website: http://www.mysticsofthechurch.com/2011/09/blessed-elena-aiello-mystic-stigmatic.html. Again, we ignore the warnings of the Lord through His prophets to our peril.

  • Timothy

    Like the King of France. What happened to the French Royalty? Did they obey the request of the Sacred Heart? Did Our Lady mention the King of France? Will the same fate behold us? Is it important? Do we double check important things? Is this consecration perhaps the most important act in the whole world? Then the person responsible had better double check, only the Devil would want us not to double check!

  • Stewart Davies

    The reference to the prevention of a nuclear war that otherwise would have occurred in 1985 does not by any stretch of the imagination substantiate the claim that the 1984 consecration satisfied the stringent conditions set out by Our Blessed Lady. Unless one is prepared to acknowledge what Sr. Lucia did NOT say, then there could be a certain element of sophistry at work here. And Sr. Lucia DID NOt say that the conversion of Russia would, [or could] result from it.
    There is also no shortage of reliable indicators that the source quoted by (then) Archbishop Tarcisio Bertone on June 26th. 2000 is at the very least highly unreliable, and quite possibly totally bogus. On the other hand, in an interview with Sol de Fatima magazine, the official publication of the Blue Army in Spain, in September 1985, Sr. Lucia stated that the 1984 consecration did not meet the specific requirements set out by Our Lady, because Russia had not been named as the object of the consecration, and because “many bishops gave no importance to this act”. Sr. Lucia did, on the other hand, attempt to convey to (Blessed) Pope John Paul II via the Nuncio to Portugal in March 1982, (prior to the papal visit to Fatima on May 13), that the pope must choose a day, and together with all the bishops of the entire world, each in his own cathedral and at the same time as the pope, perform a public and solemn ceremony of reparation and consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Jesus told Sr. Lucia in 1931 that, “In the end, they will repent of it, and they will do it, but it will be late.” Therefore, if the 1984 consecration was accpeted, how did [the bishops’] repentance manifest itself? It certainly wasn’t by means of their public participation in the 1984 consecration, because a good many of them ignored it.
    Furthermore, the statement issued by Archbishop Bertone on JUne 26th. 200 was NOT, as Fr. Jim Anderson MSA has pointed out, an excercise of magisterial authority, and it must therefore stand on the persuasiveness of the facts and arguments that it presents. We are therefore quite at liberty to publicly question it, albeit charitably. And given the enormous gravity of the situation, it behooves us to do so.
    Finally, during the beatification of Sr. Elena Aiello on September 14th 2011, reference was made to her gift of prophetic word. Many of Bl. Aiello’s prophecies describe in graphic detail the part that will be played by Russia in the impending horrific tribulation . Anyone who seriously believes that this could possibly be carried out by a “converted” nation is totally deranged!

  • Stewart Davies

    Jesus also told Sr. Lucia in 1931 that, “If they don’t do it, they will follow the King of France into misfortune”. This is a clear reference to Jesus own demand, in June 1689, that the King of France must consecrate his throne to the Sacred Heart of Jesus . Successive kings of France, from Louis XIV to Louis XVI, failed to comply, and precisely 100 years to the very day after the demand was made, the French Revolution erupted, Louis XVI was deposed, and subsequently beheaded. However, it was not just the kings of France who were negligent, but also the Jesuits who had been given the responsibility to oversee the consecration of France to the Sacred Heart. The diabolical plan for an atheistic world revolution that would seek to destroy the Church and enslave humanity came to maturity with the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917, the same year as the Fatima apparitions, and the the diabolic spirit of Marxism, the maturation of the movement set in progress in 1789 by the French revolution, established its earthly H.Q. in Moscow. Therefore, will Pope Francis, the first Jesuit pope in history, make amends for the failings of the Jesuits with regard to the consecration of France to the Sacred Heart, and finally accomplish the still-outstanding consecration of Russia?
    However, we must all be mindful of the fact that Fatima is not a minority interest. The fulfilment of Heaven’s invincible peace plan for the world calls for the active participation of the whole Church, because the fulfilment of Fatima and the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary will be manifested as a great victory for the Church in the promised Era of Peace. Therefore, we all have a huge stake in Fatima, for our own sakes, for the sake of our children, and for the sake of the whole world.

  • I am just referring to the fact that the Magisterium of the Cathoiic Church has pronounced on this matter. Either I am to believe that they are dishonest, of these so called Fatima experts, are correct. It is a fact that thre has been no attempt to repeat the March 25, 1984 consecration. A good occasion to do this was when the Fatima statue was flown from the Capeliinha to Rome on October 8, 2000 with the prayer vigil in St Peter’s Square, presided by John Paul II. But it was a commemoration of the 1984 consecration. It seems that nobdody in authority in Rome, takes the view, it is still to be done. Meantime we have seen changes in Russia, with churches bulit and religous communites flourishing (a few weeks ago I met a young Russian Orthodox nun from Byelorussia), and even the President visiting the display of religous icons. A far cry from 1984 (when the consecration was done) where you risked being shot dead, if you crossed the Berlin Wall. Yet five years later it was down. I have a friend of mine that visited the city concidentally in late October, 1989 and he was talking to locals about the prospect of it being removed. One said, “I don’t believe we will ever see it down in our lifetime”. Yet look what happened just a few days later, completely unexpectedly. I atrribute as Pope John Paul has done, all this to the intercession of Our Blessed Mother.

  • Tim

    What happened to the King of France and France when that Kingdom failed to Consecrate inside of 100 years as ordered by the Sacred Heart? Did O L of Fatima mention this?

  • Ben Joyce

    There is not a “snowball’s chance in Hell that the Consecration of Russia has been done properly. It results in the conversion of Russia. No way this is evident. IN FACT, Russia will invade Europe soon. See Garabandal. http://www.locutions.org approved my Mons. Esseff (Mother Teresa’s spiritual advisor for 30 years) Many times states that the consecration of Russia has NOT been done. AND says that Pope Francis (in so many words) will do it. So does stigmatist Ruffini. Fr. Gobbi’s locutions states that it has NOT been done 4 time. Locutions.org says NOT done 7 times. An individual set of locutions from locutions.org focuses on the EVIL of Russia. It has not converted. “Don’t be foolish” says the BVM

    This is better stated on the website http://www.catholicprophecy.net

  • Tina In Ashburn

    Excellent and valid points Mr. Stewart Davies.

  • Dennis Klak

    Sister Lucia, the last remaining survivor of the 3 children of Fatima {died on 3/13/05} in her book STATED THE THE BLESSED MOTHER ACCEPTED THE CONSECRATION OF POPE JOHN PAUL II ON MARCH 25TH, 1984. If you don’t believe it has taken place, then you believe that Sister Lucia is lying about her revelation from the Blessed Mother IN WRITING! I highly doubt that.

  • Tina In Ashburn

    Our Lady used the term “errors of Russia” which may include the murder of their monarch and many other evils that have followed since. I believe the best argument, in spite of the he-said she-said controversies, are the symptoms we see in the world today: the Godlessness and spread of paganism and secret societies, the continued derailment of proper God-given governments, the spread of Marxist and socialist ideals, the destruction of the family and structures of proper authority, the extermination of humanity through contraception and other nefarious means, the dimming of the influence of the Church and its ancient disciplines, teachings, and practices, …On and on we see examples of the spread of anti-God errors.

    The spreading evil all over the world is proof enough to me that Heaven still awaits the requested Consecration with all its specifics. Its so easy to disprove what happened, what was said, who said it…Just look at the symptoms and the destruction of society we see daily.

    Some of the longer comments here present excellent points that support the argument that the Consecration did not occur, be wise and pay attention.

    Say the rosary, love humility, consecrate yourselves to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Mary did say “In the end, my Immaculate Heart will triumph”.

  • You have no evidence of coercion, period. It’s all speculation and wishful thinking, of seeing patterns where there are not any. The facts are that Sr. Lucia may have had her words typed so that there might not have been any doubts as to the contents of her words. Furthermore, your argu,ent makes a coward out of her for allowing herself to be coerced to sign what was essentially a lie dictated by the latest Curial whipping boy.

    You are making a series of extraordinary claims for which you need a series of extraordinary evidence to back them up, and you have none.

  • No, no “straw man” here. Just a reminder that there are only two kinds of revelation: public and private; that we’re required to receive the former with divine catholic faith and the latter with a mere – an optional – intellectual assent. There’s no in-between category of “more than private” but “less than public” as you posit.

    I’ll finish by saying this: Catholics should not be required to elicit a kind of faith they are not required to, in order to support an interpretation of Fatima at odds with the magisterium of two popes, one requiring the surviving visionary to cower before big bad bully Bertone.

    You are seeding confusion and scandal among the People of God. I ask you to form your conscience appropriately, repent, confess, do penance, and repair the damage you’ve caused.

  • JMC

    I left a lengthy post here yesterday (as JMC) wherein I explained the reasons I believe the Consecration has not been done. Today it’s gone. But all the reasons I quoted in my post have been outlined by others here, so I see no reason to repeat them. I will point out something here that I neglected yesterday, though: The Five First Saturdays of Reparation. Our Lady requested the following observation: On the first Saturday of each month, for five consecutive months, we are to go to Mass and receive Communion, after a worthy confession, with the specific intention of reparation for sin. In conjunction with this, we are also to pray the Rosary. In return, she promises that each person who fulfills this request will receive all the graces necessary to go to Heaven at the time of his death. This is big stuff! A guarantee of Heaven!

    I have read that there is a little-known commutation of this observation. Those who routinely attend vigil Mass on Saturday evenings have it made; just remember to go to Confession before the first Saturday of the month, to attend Mass and receive Communion with the specific intention of reparation, and to pray the Rosary at some point on that day.

    Those who prefer to go to Mass on Sunday have two choices: They can go to the vigil Mass instead, or they can go to the vigil Mass AND their usual Sunday Mass, depending on their individual circumstances.

    Then there are those of us for whom Saturday Mass is impossible. Perhaps your job schedule does not permit it. Or perhaps you live far enough from a church that making the extra trip would create a financial hardship (easy enough to see in this day of astronomical gas prices). In such a case, you can attend Sunday mass with the intention of reparation and STILL fulfill the First Saturday devotion. But there must be a serious reason that you cannot go on Saturday.

    God has made it incredibly easy for us to fulfill the requests He has made of us through His Mother. It is my personal opinion that one reason the Fatima requests have not been fulfilled is that not enough of us are fulfilling this one. Whether you believe the triumph of the Immaculate Heart will occur when the Consecration finally is done and the entire Third Secret revealed, or that that triumph is merely the triumph of purity, our prayers are what is necessary to bring it about.

  • Shawn Albert

    I’m not sure I get your point. If you read my entire post, you would see that I was making the case that it WAS NOT done, so why are you posting to me about it not being done?

  • Shawn Albert

    Perhaps you should read my post a little farther down where I point out what Pope John Paul said on the very occasion of the so-called “Consecration”. As for your assertions about Sister Lucy, don’t you find it strange that in 2000 she was not asked to speak out when their was a perfect opportunity to put a stop to all the various speculations? Sister Lucy was always consistent in what she said, and then around 1989 we are told that she started to say the opposite of what she had always said. I find that odd. Either Sister Lucy lied somewhere along the way (and that I don’t believe) or someone else has been lying to us.

  • Mary Anne

    It happened.

  • Mary-Jo Conway

    You mention that for those of us who attend the Saturday vigil Mass to make sure that we go to confession before the first Saturday of the month. Since most parishes routinely offer confessions every Saturday, why wouldn’t it be acceptable to go to confession on the first Saturday? Also, as far as the commutation you mention you are quite correct in stating that if it’s impossible to attend Mass on Saturday the devotion may be transferred to Sunday. However, it is my understanding that you must get permission from a priest first. I know that when I received this permission the priest made it very clear that I should try to attend Mass on Saturday whenever possible. Also in addition to praying the rosary, we must also meditate fifteen minutes on the mysteries as a why of keeping Our Lady company.

  • Mary-Jo Conway

    Oh I forgot to mention that we must also pray for the Holy Fathers intentions. Usually one Our Father, one Hail Mary and one Glory Be.

  • Mary-Jo Conway

    I don’t think it’s all that hard to figure out (at least in part) what the real 3rd secret contains. Especially when one looks at other approved apparitions especially Our Lady of Akita and Our Lady of Good Success. Another strong clue Pope Benedict gave us is by declaring declaring St. Hildegard Doctor of the Church and Sr. Elena Aiello Blessed.

  • Stewart Davies

    In 1936, (the year the terrible Moscow directed Spanish Civil War broke out), Sr. Lucia’s spiritual director, Fr. Goncalves, asked her why Our Lady had specifically requested the consecration of Russia. After a great deal of prayerful petition, Jesus explained to Sr. Lucia that it was because He wants the consecration, and hence the conversion of Russia to be seen as the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and because He wants devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary to be placed alongside devotion to his Sacred Heart. This has already occurred in “embryonic” form since Blessed Pope John Paul II proclaimed the Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary which occurs on the following day after the Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, but its full realisation is yet to come, and will only be manifested in the Era of Peace.

    The inescapable truth is that, had the throne of France been consecrated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, as Jesus himself demanded, there would have been no French Revolution. Since it was the French Revolution that ultimately spawned the diabolical spirit of Marxism, then there would have been no communism, and there would have been no need for Fatima.

    To “consecrate” means to set aside for God’s purposes. We are assured that Russia will play a major role in the re-evangelisation of the (currently) post-Christian West, but this can only happen after the Russian Orthodox Church is re-united with Rome and this in turn can only come about by means of the collegial consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.
    The convsion of Russia will come at the height of the Tribulation, and it will astound the world, and the whole world will understand by whose all-powerful mediation with God this miraculous conversion has taken place. This will completely overturn the whole train of events that was set in motion by the French Revolution, that was cause by the failure to consecrate the Throne of France to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. The world will then see the dawning of the promised Era of Peace, under the reign of the Two Hearts. Now, I ask you, how will anyone connect all of this with an essentially little known consecration of the world by Pope John Paul II some three decades or more prior to the event? The answer is, of course; they won’t. Therefore, it could never be perceived by the world as the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

  • Annamarie

    I’m sorry. Are we supposed to go Friday, Saturday morning, Saturday vigil, AND Sunday mass? I just cannot believe that Our Lord meant to make it so complicated. It begins to sound like the Protestants complaints against us, in that we have to do this, do that, and don’t forget to cross that “t” and dot that “i” or you won’t get into heaven. Do I have it right? Are we not supposed to be on the same page as Catholics?

  • Fatimite

    Hi Andrew,
    It was said that upon taking the Chair of Peter in 2005 that Benedict XVI had two regrets–the first was the 1988 excommunication of the four bishops with the SSPX. The second was the circus surrounding the June 2000 release of the vision (without the words of the Virgin explaining it). Regarding the first he supposedly said, “I made a mistake.”. Pertaining to the second he said, “My hand was forced.”
    When I first heard this I thought, “simply hearsay” at best. Then, he lifted the excommunications on the four bishops and did his best to reconcile with the SSPX. Unfortunately, that has yet to take place–even his brother, Msgr Georg, said after his abdication that it weighed him down heavily.
    In 2010 Benedict visited Fatima and on the plane he made astounding pronouncements…In fact, anyone who believes that Fatima is relegated to the past is deceiving himself (Attn: Cardinal Sodano and Cardinal Bertone) and that the message of Fatima (more so the prophecy) was unfolding little by little. Again, as Fr Amorth (chief exorcist in Rome) has said, much to the dismay of those within the Church–many in the Curia have given themselves over to evil. In fact, he went so far as to say they are satanists and as a result there biggest fear is a proper consecration. Their time is short though as Pope Francis will make the consecration as commanded by heaven! Demo gratias!

  • Tina In Ashburn

    Excellent explanation Mr. Davies, which is supported by history, private revelation, and in Scripture.

  • Tina In Ashburn

    Not sure I understand your question Annamarie. Our Lady asked that we observe the Devotion of the Five First Saturdays, which includes reception of Communion and saying the rosary. I’m willing to do this for the conversion of the world.

    If I can go to Mass daily too, as well as frequent confession, that’s a plus.

  • Tina In Ashburn

    For those questioning the continuing spread of the ‘errors of Russia” and the kingdom of Satan, here is an old article describing the intrinsic nature of Communism, how it hides under varying forms, how it has crept into everyday thinking, and how the Church battles and warns against it.

    How do we win? Prayer and penance, the rosary, and consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and following her motherly admonishments to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

  • Stewart Davies

    Our Blessed Lady appeared to Sr. Lucia at the convent of the Sisters of St. Dorothy in Tuy, Spain, in 1929, to formalise the requirement for the Holy Father, in union with ALL the bishops of the world, to consecrate RUSSIA to the Immaculate Heart. This confirmed the original request, made at Fatima on July 13th. 1917. In 1931, Jesus, having first warned that, “If they don’t do it, they (the bishops) will follow the King of France into misfortune.” Jesus then added, “In the end they will repent of it, and they will do it, but it will be late.” So, how “late” is late? Ninety nine years maybe? Ninety nine and a half?

    It is quite obvious that Jesus was drawing a direct parallel between the demand for the consecration of France to the Sacred Heart, and the collegial consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. A period of precisely one hundred years elapsed between the demand for the consecration of France and the outbreak of the diabolic French revolution resulting from the failure to comply with Heaven’s requests. Therefore, it is apparent also that the same 100 year period applies to the demand for the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart if Mary. So, from what point to we calculate our one hundred years?

    The demand for the consecration of France was made at the same time as the revelation of the mysteries of the Sacred Heart to St. Margaret Mary Alacoque in June 1689. While the request for the consecration of Russia was ‘formalised’ in 1929, it was merely a confirmation of the initial request made by Our Lady in 1917. Applying the lessons learned from the revelation of the Sacred Heart, we may assume that our starting point is 1917, since the essential Fatima event occurred with that calendar year. We may therefore ask, does “late” mean literally, “very, very late?” Is it possible that the consecration will be done, within a twelve month period prior to July 13th. 2017?

    The vision accompanying the Third Secret tells of a bishop dressed in white who will be martyred at the culmination of the Tribulation. St. John Bosco’s Vision of the Two Pillars describes a pope at the helm of the Barque of Peter, traversing tempestuous waters, who is struck down by the enemies of the Church, but he does not die, but gets to his feet and continues to guide the Church. But he is struck a second time, and this time he dies. The enemies of the Church begin to celebrate their victory, but almost immediately a new Successor of Peter is elected, the enemies of the Church turn on each other and they are destroyed. After this comes a great calm, the newly elected Great Pontiff anchors the ship to the two pillars rising out of the sea. Atop the taller pillar is the Sacred Host, and atop the smaller one, Mary “Auxillium Christianorum” “Help of Christians.

    Many of us used to identify both the popes who are struck down as Pope John Paul II. However, when he died of essentially natural causes, (though a martyr’s death nonetheless) it became apparent that the prophecy of St. John Bosco referred to two different popes. The one who was struck but survived is not the same pope who would later be martyred; (Pope Francis?).

    Sudents of Garabandal also know of the prediction that, after the death of Pope John XXIII there would be only three more popes, and then it will be the “End of the Times” This refers to the end of a particular period in the history of the Church, according to the Ven. Bartholomew Holzhauser, (the fifth of seven ages) which he specifically named, “Purgativus” or purification. After this comes “Consolativus” a name which which describes the promised Era of Peace. We are now in the period known as “the End of the Times, the fifth of seven ages in the history of the Church according to Ven. Holzhauser’s reckoning. After the culmination of the painful purification will come the Great Pontiff, and the great FRENCH Monarch, Henry V of the Cross, who between them will restore Christendom, not just to former glories, to glories that will far surpass anything that has gone before. This will completely erase all the evils that have beset the Church and the whole world that stem from the failure of the kings of France and the Church herself over the last several centuries.

  • Stewart Davies

    Sr. Lucia confirmed that, before the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, EVERY country on earth would fall under the communist yoke. Portuguese mystic Bl. Alexandrina da Costa was shown a scene of immense devastation and was told, “The devastation you have just seen will come about after Marxism will have taken over the WHOLE world. Sudents of Garabandal are well familiar with the prophecies concerning the Warning and the Great Miracle, (which will be the greatest miracle that God will ever work on earth). The seers of Garabandal were told by Our Lady that there would come a great persecution of the Church, during which time priests would have difficulty saying Mass, or even speaking of religion. When asked how this could happen Our Blessed lady merely replied; “Communism”. She also told the children that, “Communism will come back, even to Spain”.

    We are told that Russia will be converted after the Miracle, which will happen within one year after the Warning. The Warning will come, “when things are at their worst” This “at their worst refers to the coming tribulation of communism, which will be a slaughter of hitherto unimagined severity. It will be mainly, though not exclusively, inflicted upon Europe; (see the prophecies of Bl. Elena Aiello). St. Padre Pio said that the price of the Miracle will be the blood of Europe; oceans of blood. It will be inflicted by Russia.

    We also know from Garabandal that a pope will go to Russia, and that the communist tribulation will break out after the Holy Father returns to Rome from Moscow. The Warning will come at the height of the tribulation. It is worth considering that the consecration of Russia will not be done until we, the whole Church, have been brought to our knees and beg for God’s mercy, and when those formerly indifferent, intransigent or even hostile bishops see for themselves the horrendous consequences of their past negligence. Only the terminally naive can possibly believe that the nation responsible for this unprecedented slaughter could have been consecrated as heaven demanded.

    Finally, on May 13th. the Feast of Our Lady of Fatima, at his own repeated request, the pontificate of Pope Francis was conseccrated by the Cardinal Patriarch of Lisbon, and all the bishops of Portugal, to Our Lady of Fatima. If, as a relative minority of correspondents still insist, “the consecration has been done” then surely this consecration of Pope Francis’ pontificate to Our Lady of Fatima is utterly superfluous to requirements. Unless it was just a publicity stunt. But somehow, I rather doubt that.

  • James Glavin

    Andrew. Here is a quote for your consideration, given in a message from Our Lady to Father Gobbi on March 25th, 1984. Please recall that Cardinal Ratzinger (later Pope Benedict) had Fr Gobbi come to Rome in 1984 and investigated the Marian Movement of Priest over the Summer months. At its conclusion, his only request to Fr Gobbi was to change the name of the book from ‘Our Lady speaks to Her Beloved Priests, to, To the Priests, Our Lady’s Beloved Sons.’ This Fr Gobbi complied with. John Paul II called for the Pontifical Approbation of the MMP and ordered the Congregation of the Clergy to prepare the way for this. Sad to relate, too many obstacles were placed in the way of the Pope’s desire! The quote from the message ‘I ask for the Consecration of All,’ follows:

    ‘Before all I ask it of Pope John Paul II, the first of my beloved sons, who on the occasion of this feast performed the consecration in a solemn manner, after writing to the bishops of the world and inviting them to do so in union with him.
    Unfortunately the invitation was not welcomed by all the bishops; particular circumstances have not yet permitted the explicit consecration of Russia which I have requested many times. As I have already told you, this conse-cration will be made to me when the bloody events are are well on the way to actuality. I bless this courageous act of my Pope in his wish to entrust the world and all the nations to my Immaculate Heart; I receive it with love and gratitude, and because of it I promise to intervene to shorten greatly the hours of purification and to lessen the the gravity of the trial.’

    According to European intelligence, in 1984 Russia was planning to attack Europe following Reagan’s installation of Pershing missiles in Europe. In October of 1984, the big Naval base on the Baltic had a massive explosion, destroying vast quantities of weapons. The Russians changed their mind. The Blessed Mother did not waste any time in keeping her promise.

    ” Russia is the nation, chosen by God, to chastise the nations of the world, just like He chose the Philistines to chastise the Israelites, if we do not first obtain the conversion of that poor nation.” Sister Lucia.

  • Tina In Ashburn

    I assume that predictions of the Consecration being done ‘too late’ describes how that after/during our suffering the very thing Our Lady warned us about, eyes will be opened and the Consecration of Russia will be properly done, with the proper verbiage and in unison with all the bishops of the Church. From that point, the tide will begin to turn and the errors of Russia will stop spreading.

  • Stewart Davies

    Hi Tina, It’s not that the consecration will be “too late” but just late. Late is, of course, a relative term. However, Jesus wants the consecration of Russia to be seen as the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, so that devotion to the Immaculate Heart will be placed alongside the devotion to the Sacred heart. Since the Hearts of Jesus and Mary beat as one, their Hearts will reign over the world in the Era of Peace. This is why Jesus emphasised the significance of the failure to consecrate France, and we must assume that the same period of one century applies equally to Fatima. Furthermore, Heaven is now demanding that the Church make known to the world everything that has been revealed to her about Mary, so that She will finally be recognised as the Mediatrix of all graces, Coredemptrix with her Divine Son, and our Advocate. Many great saints have been of the view that the world will not know true and lasting peace until the Church accords Mary that which is Her due. This was certainly the view of the great Belgian Cardinal Mercier, (d1926) who spent much of his priestly life trying to bring Mary’s role as Mediarix of all graces to the forefront of the Church’s thinking.

    So, the consecration of Russia will not merely halt the further spreading of her errors, since everything is now already in place for the sudden and complete imposition of a global Marxist tyranny. It will be short lived, but far exceed in scale and brutality anything the world has previously experienced. The consecration will arrest this communist onslaught in its tracks, and the world will acknowledge that this has been brought about by the all-powerful intercession of Mary, Mediatix of all graces. As you can appreciate, it is impossible that anyone would, or could associate this with Pope John Paul II’s consecration of the world in 1984. That consecration was undoubtedly fruitful, but it was incapable of yielding the ultimate fruit, i.e. the conversion of Russia and the dawning of the Era of peace.

    If this line of reasoning is correct, all these events will unfold leading up to the Fatima centenary in 2017. And we are now seeing an increasing number of indicators that this could well be the case. As for the coming brief, but terrible Tribulation of communism, it will happen so suddenly thay no-one will be fully prepared for it. From one day to the next, we will be asking ourselves, “How could this happen without warning?”
    Both Fatima and Garabandal are replete with symbolism of special significance for the Jews. At Fatima, Our Blessed Lady appeared as the new Queen Esther who pleads with the King of Justice for the salvation of her people. At Garabandal, Our Lady appeared to be noticeably Jewish, and confirmed that, “Even in Heaven I belong to the Jewish people.” Her frequent apparitions on the 18th. of the month point to the Eighteen Benedictions, the daily prayer of the Jews imploring the coming of the Messiah. Both Fatima and Garabandal will powerfully demonstrate to the Jewish people that their Messiah has come, and that it is Jesus of Nazareth.

    One thing that recently came to light, to which we cannot, and must not accord the same level of credibility as we must do with approved Catholic private revelation, but which is nonetheless an interesting curiosity, is this: It concerns a very devout 13th. century Orthodox rabbi, Judah Ben Samuel or Judah the Pious, who made certain startling predictions in a book called the Sefer Gematriyot, or Book of Calculations, which he wrote in 1217. He based his ‘calculations’ on the number of jubilees, (one jubilee is fifty years) that would elapse between the time the Ottoman Turks would sieze control of Jerusalem in 1517, and the coming of the Messiah, a total of ten jubilees, or five hundred years. “When the Ottoman’s conquer Jerusalem, the holy city, they will rule over Jerusalem for eight jubilees. This prdediction itself was made precisely three hundred years before the Ottomans defeated the Mamluks in 1517. Eight jubilees, or 400 years, takes us to 1917, after which, for one jubilee, Jerusalem would be “no man’s land.” In 1917, on the Feast of Hannukah, the British army, under George Allenby defeated the Ottomans, Palestine was placed under the British mandate, and thus effectively was “owned” by no-one. This period of one jubilee, (the ninth) takes us to 1967, when the Jewish state of Israel regained control of Jerusalem, and according to Judah Ben Samuel, at this point the “Messianic end time” commenced. Thus according to his reckoning, the Messiah will come at the conclusion of this tenth jubilee, in 2017. It is quite understandable that this Orthodox rabbi would see the culmination of events (800 years in advance), as the coming of the promised Messiah of Israel. But at Fatima, the “new Queen Esther” indicated to the Jewish people that her Divine Son, Jesus of Nazareth, is indeed their Messiah. Could it therefore be that the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, witnessed by the whole world and pointing irresistibly to Jesus Christ as the Messiah and Saviour of the world, will be that coming of the Messiah that Judah Ben Samuel at the conclusion of the tenth jubilee – in 2017? We don’t have too long to wait to find out. God bless you, Tina.

  • My apologies for my delayed answer.

    Quote: “As for your assertions about Sister Lucy, don’t you find it strange that in 2000 she was not asked to speak out when their was a perfect opportunity to put a stop to all the various speculations?”

    Are you familiar with the so-called “argument from silence”? It’s “a conclusion drawn based on the absence of statements in historical documents; rather than their presence.” Such an argument by itself is not probative, since there might be other explanations for Sr. Lucia’s silence, such as “no matter what I say, it’ll be distorted, better leave things as they are” or “I’m a Carmelite; why should I call attention upon myself?” I can come up with other more likely explanations.

    Now, the circle of would-be liars is pretty small and it includes Blessed John Paul II and Pope (E) Benedict.

    Be brave. Point the finger at the liar and draw the ultimate conclusions.