Catholic Poets Unite

A message to ev’ry Catholic poet,
Who is willing and able to write art:

Here is your chance so try not to blow it—
‘Tis a chance to serve God with your whole heart,
A world that is steeped in dark corruption,
Needing to be moved by good moving words,
Words that give both delight and instruction,
Sharply piercing hearts as with two-edged swords—
In the end giving life instead of death,
For they’re inspired by more than mortals.
And though mortals they do inspire with breath,
‘Tis breath that brings to heavenly portals,
For the Catholic poet’s Muse is divine,
His blood revealed in what looks like red wine.


Send any poems you think would be good on the CE poetry channel to I'll consider posting them.  Also send your name, where you are from, and something else about yourself (e.g. a favorite pastime). 

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