Catholic Lifetime Reading Plan

If you need last-minute Christmas gift ideas, the Catholic Lifetime Reading Plan, developed by Fr. John McCloskey, is a great place to start. All the books on the list are available at the Catholic Information Center website.

A shorter list of suggested Catholic classics, designed for students, is here.

Fr. John Hardon, S.J. wrote a book on the same theme called "The Catholic Lifetime Reading Plan."

Speaking of the late, great Fr. Hardon, the cause for his canonization is being taken up by Archbishop Raymond Burke of St. Louis.  A biographical sketch of Fr. Hardon is available here.  Here is a collection of his writings.

I had the privilege of meeting Fr. Hardon briefly in 1990.  A friend and I were traveling through Detroit and we decided to stop by the University of Detroit, where Fr. Hardon was living.  We stopped by the Jesuit residence and were told that he was not there.  Walking back to the car, we spotted an elderly priest in a cassock walking and reading his breviary.  Sure enough, it was Fr. Hardon, and we had a pleasant conversation for about ten minutes.  He radiated kindness and wisdom.  If anyone has testimonials about the work of this good priest, please contact the Inter Mirifica apostolate here.


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    Thank you, B. Hickey, for providing pure Catholic reading.

    This week I ordered the book, “Catholic Lifetime Reading Plan” by Fr. John A. Hardon.

    The available listing of books, “Plan for a Lifetime of Spiritual Reading,” by Fr. John McCloskey is most helpful. It’s a good way of sharing the faith with others.