Catholic Boston College Sponsors Panel Focusing on Homosexual Couples

The Catholic Action League of Massachusetts today criticized Jesuit administered Boston College for sponsoring and hosting Love Across Boundaries, which is being advertised as “a panel conversation with Boston couples who focus on their own interracial, interfaith and same-sex  Love Across Boundaries”.  Featured participants will include Paul McLaughlin, Assistant Dean of Harvard College and his homosexual partner Jason Shumaker, Assistant Director of Financial Aid at MIT.The event, sponsored by the New Center for Arts and Culture and Boston College’s Office of the Provost, will be held this afternoon and this evening at BC’s Bapst Library as part of Bloomsday Boston, the annual celebration of James Joyce and his novel Ulysses. Among those reading excerpts from the book will be former Lieutenant Governor Thomas P. O’Neill III, who is a longstanding supporter of legal abortion.

The Catholic Action League has called the event “another shameless betrayal of Catholic principles by the leadership of Boston College and its parent religious order, the Jesuits”.

Catholic Action League Executive Director C. J. Doyle stated: “No reasonable person could be expected to believe that the Catholic Church is serious in its opposition to abortion and same-sex marriage as long as Catholic institutions publicly affirm homosexual relationships and prominently showcase pro-abortion political figures. Boston College, with the complicity of the New England Province of the Society of Jesus, continues to flaunt its infidelity to Catholic moral teaching and callously compromise what is left of its Catholic identity, while the Archdiocese of Boston, through its silence and inaction, functions as its enabler”.

“This disgraceful episode is one more example of the systemic collapse of Catholic loyalties in the very leadership of the Church in the United States”

LifeSiteNews attempted to contact the Archdiocese of Boston, but they were not immediately available for comment.

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  • In my own way, I have come to be less and less surprised that the Jesuits have fallen so far. Surely the devil has been hard at work to undermine these men, who once found great joy in vigorously and rationally defending the doctrines of the Church and opposing heresy.

    Can anyone doubt the need to pray vigorously for the Society of Jesus?

  • noelfitz

    I am saddened by this article on two counts. First that BC (and the Jesuits) for hosting Love Across Boundaries and, secondly, that the Catholic Action League would attack their fellow Catholics.

    The Jesuits have contributed to a very significant degree, throught their piety, scholarship and loyalty to the Pope, to our Church. During the Catholic Reformation their contributions were vital.

    The mission of the Catholic Action League is “the defense of the Catholic Faith and the civil rights of Catholics in the public forum”. We can all agree with these are very laudable aims.

    But turning on one’s own is not very helpful in building up the People of God.

    God bless,