Cash for Clunkers

I have a modest proposal for getting rid of wasteful spending, irresponsible government and even out-of-sight deficits: let’s demand cash for trading in congressional clunkers. The idea occurred to me when I recently found out that our esteemed House of Representatives just authorized $200 million for three new luxury jets to take them on the "necessary" trips that they have to go on in order to do the business of government that we have not asked them to do. Since "we the people" are their bosses, we technically "own" their services, and therefore, if we just told them that their services were no longer needed and traded them in for cash, we may finally be able to get some value out of them or get new ones that actually function properly. It works for deadbeat and inefficient cars, why not for congressmen — and congresswomen of course?

Clunkers are defined as old vehicles that do not meet minimum standards of fuel efficiency or road performance. In other words, they spew too much exhaust and give their owners a shaky sense of security. Well, this certainly defines the vast majority of congress-persons that govern us in Washington, right? — not to mention many in our state legislatures, too, I would imagine. We have to admit that exhaust just bellows out of Washington, DC these days. In fact, most days it seems like nothing but hot air is generated in the hallowed halls of Congress. I can’t recall the last time I applauded a congressional decision or even felt remotely satisfied with congressional performance!

Less hot and dirty air from our nation’s center would do us all a lot of good. If we could remove the sources of pollution — our congressmen — then we could also eliminate the thousand-page documents they incessantly generate and call legislation, as well as all second-hand pollution and retardants known as bureaucrats, special interest groups and the rest of the congressional pencil-pushers hanging around in Washington.

Our elected officials do not give us a strong sense of security on the road either. Why should "we the people" be confident about our congress-persons who have voted to enslave several generations of future Americans with a national debt that dwarfs the cumulative total of all government spending in its entire history? Silly me, but I thought our representatives were supposed to serve the common good of the people of this nation. Here they have sold more than a trillion dollars of our national debt to China, taken over large corporations like they were playing a large game of Monopoly® and are presently taxing the middle class out of existence. Now they want to nationalize our private health care decisions, make us pay for other people’s abortions and pretend that they really care about the 80 million baby boomers who will soon be marched into the "end-of-life" re-education camps to complete their "duty" to the country. The nation’s confidence in our elected leaders is at an all-time low. Tell me again why we need them?

We now have a summer recess in which our congressional clunkers are supposed to consult with their constituents in their districts and states. Here’s a thought: instead of tea parties, rallies or town hall meetings this summer let’s demand hard cash for these clunkers and begin the monumental task of eradicating our national debt, restoring respect for human life, returning to the vision of a representative republic that our Founding Fathers gave to this great nation and placing our country, once again, "under God" where it belongs.

There, I feel better now…

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  • Cooky642

    Thank you, Father! You just made me feel better, too! Perhaps we ought to show up at these August rallies with signs that say, “Throw THIS bum out! Vote for anyone else next November!” That might give them something to think about. So many in my state (a heavily-unionized upper-midwest one) think they have a lock on their office because of the unions. I’d love to see them have to walk home in disgrace after being defeated.

    P.S. someone on another site, tonight, referred to the District of Columbia as the District of Corruption. I like it.

  • momof11

    Perhaps Washington, D.C. needs to be enclosed in a huge dome to collect all the hot air, which could be used to power a generator turbine and provide electricity for the eastern seaboard…

    I fail to see the need for jet travel for congress persons. With all the internet capabilities and digital imaging available it would be much more cost effective to view things in congress via remote hook-up.

    Their time would be better spent reading and understanding all the implications of bills before they cast their votes on them. And they need to be listening to the people who put them in office to represent them! Wile they are at it, they should first read read the Constitution of the United States (the actual thing, not some commentary on it!) and as a piece of legislation comes before them ask…”Is this legislation related to something put under Federal authority by the Constitution, or is this a matter that should be handled at a lower level, such as a state or local government, or even just a matter to be handled by a neighborhood association, school district, church, or individual family.

    Next we need to consider limiting the length of pieces of legislation. Certainly no single bill should be longer than the Constitution. I heard one suggestion that bills be limited to the length of a Twitter message (140 characters), and while that might be a bit extreme, it would keep from hiding unrelated matters in bills and allow for easier disapproval of various unacceptable aspects that might other wise have to be ignored to get through needed legislation.

  • noelfitz

    Do many in CE consider that the US has “a wasteful spending, irresponsible government”? I do not. Are many contributors and readers here anti-American? I certainlu am not. In the form Faith & Life, to which I am encouraging participation, there was a post denigrating the Church in America. In reply I wrote the following:

    I would not be here unless I was pro-America. So let me say something in favor of the US.

    Twice in the last centurry America saved Europe from destruction. The remains of many young Americas, whether they died in the first or second world wars are in Europe. Ideas of liberty and freedom have spread all over the world from America.

    When we were married first we lived in the US and we have very happy memories of our time there and the wonderful hospitable people we met.

    The Catholic Church is very active in the US compared to Europe, and the bulk of the money for Catholic international charities comes from the US.

    The best hospitals and universities are in the States. All of us benefit from American advances in manufacturing, marketing, science, engineering and entertainmernt.

    Catholicism flourishes in the US, compared to Europe.

    Two thirds of the Supreme Court is Catholics. The Vice President , Joe Biden, and the speaker, Nancy Pelosi are Catholics. Public life is very well represented by Catholics, possibly due to the emphasis on the community and the common good in Catholic social teaching.

    Peace came to Ireland due in great part to the efforts of President Clinton and Senator George Mitchell, as well as those of the “four horsemen”(Ted Kennedy, Tip O’Neill, Hugh Carey and Daniel P Moynihan). In Ireland we acknowledge the geatness of JFK. Even to this day my son has a magnet with a picture of John F Kennedy on his freezer.

    Protestants are on the decline in the US (51%), while 31%, including Sarah Palin, were baptized as Catholics. At present 24% consider themselves Catholic. While many have left the faith (about a third) many, mainly Hispanics/Latinos, have joined the American Catholic family and Hispanics/Latinos now represent almost 50% of young Catholics.

    The challenge for American Catholicism is to keep the members they have especially the young folk.

    Thus the Church should welcome and encourage its members, not chase them away. We are all sinners and none can claim to be in the state of grace due to our own merits. Thus we should all hang in their together and appreciate the wonderful contributions American Catholics make to the one, true, catholic and apostolic Church.

  • goral

    Thank you Noelfitz for doing what Fr. Euteneuer perhaps didn’t want to do and that is call the clunkers by their surnames. JFK and Moynihan are the exception.
    The rest and many, many more are corrupt, catholic, clunkers.