Cardinal Archbishop of Lima, Peru Calls Pro-Abortion Forces “Traitors”

The Cardinal Archbishop of Lima, Peru denounced pro-abortion forces as "traitors" in a homily last Sunday in the cathedral of the diocese.

"Human rights are often spoken of, but who defends the most defenseless one who is still within the womb of the mother?" Cardinal Juan Luis Cipriani asked the crowd that had packed the cathedral.

"We don’t want to participate in this parade of traitors, because although they might be powerful throughout the world, they are a parade of traitors.  They don’t defend the family, nor life, nor peace, nor justice," said Ciprinai.

He went on to add that, "the Church has to protect mankind like a sanctuary from the murder of the lives of the unborn, and from causing the death of the elderly."

Cipriani also called upon those present to cleanse themselves from the sin of criminal activity. "One can’t have hands of violence, of corruption, of robbery.  Leave behind those jealousies, manipulations, and lies.  If the heart isn’t cleansed, the cross does not enter."

Peru has been engaged in a struggle against international pro-abortion organizations and pro-abortion physicians, which are trying to make abortion available in the country through a de facto process of legalization, despite the fact that abortions remain illegal under the existing legal code.
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