Campus Paper’s Publications Targeted by Vandals

The publisher of a student newspaper at the University of Georgia says he finds it ironic that students who champion tolerance on campus have apparently demonstrated extreme intolerance by vandalizing his fliers and newspapers.

David Kirby, publisher of the campus paper The Georgia Guard Dawg, says he recently put up 30 flyers advertising “Conservative Coming Out Day,” a national holiday that recognizes how conservative views are often kept out of classrooms. But within a day of posting his flyers, he reports, all but three had been torn down.

In addition, Kirby says he discovered about 25 copies of The Guard Dawg had been removed from a distribution bin and tossed in a trash can. So far, no individual or group has yet been implicated in the vandalism against the fliers or the newspaper.

“There are no cameras around,” Kirby notes, “so there's nothing that the university can really do to be able to crack down on this and try to find out who the culprit was.”

(This article courtesy of Agape Press.)

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