Caller ID Was Me

I called my husband on my cell phone. Just as it rang his office our landline rang, so I hung up to answer the other phone. It stopped ringing before I got to the end of the hall.

So I went back to my bedroom to call my husband again. Just as it rang his office the landline rang again. "Must be the same caller," I guessed, and ran down the hall to answer it. It stopped ringing just before I got there. Don't you hate that?

So I called my husband one more time and as I did the landline rang again and this time I answered before it stopped ringing. It was me.

All right, so I'm not the brightest bulb in the box.

Cell phones are new to me. They may have been around for years, but until recently I never really used one. Far from being a great leap for me into the world of technology, it's turned out to be a source of mental pain for my tech-minded husband.

"Woman, why did you get a cell phone if you never take it with you when you leave the house?"

"I keep forgetting it."

Then, "Woman, why didn't you answer your cell phone today when I called you at home?"

"It was in my purse and I couldn't hear it." I'd put it there so I'd remember to take it with me when I left home.

Then, someone will ask me what my cell phone number is. I'll say, "I don't know," and then ask my husband what it is.

"You don't know your own phone number?"

"I never call myself." Well, not until recently.

I've been pondering the wonder of my cell phone. My husband calls it a 'razor' even though it doesn't look anything like one. It looks more like a cigarette lighter-a bright pink cigarette lighter with flowers on it making it a 'girlie' phone according to my husband.

It does a lot of neat things, but I can't tell you what. I've taken a few pictures and stored them. It took me three months to find out exactly WHERE I stored them.

I tried to turn the ringer down once and took a picture of my eye.

The best thing about the cell phone is that I can call five people anytime I want from anywhere I want. These people are called my 'favorites,' but it wasn't a contest. I don't really know more than five people I'd call anytime anywhere anyway.

So I was very proud of myself when I brought the phone home…until my husband asked me what plan I got. "Plan?"

"Yes. How much will this cost us every month?"


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  • Guest

    cute, but what's the connection to 'Catholic' – esp on the first day of Lent?  Ash Wednesday?

  • Guest

    For connection to Lent please see our lead space article — amazing how you got to this page and missed it — along with numerous articles already scheduled through out the rest of the coming weeks. See also the articles that have run the past several days on CE like these:

    Here is a tip: if you don't like humor, or if you want to fast from humor during Lent, or if you don't ever want to read humor in your online Catholic magazine — don't click on Lisa Barker's articles and don't visit the humor channel.

  • Guest

    To deirdew: The connection, for me, is that we're all "lost sheep" in need of a shephard who knows what's going on!  Like Lisa, I'm In Over My Head, and I need all the help (Help?) I can get.  If that isn't a good starting point for Lent, tell me what is!

  • Guest

    Oh Lisa: I can so relate. My husband got me a new cell phone a year ago last Christmas and I STILL can't figure out how to change ring tones. It takes pictures and videos, too, but don't ask me how. The owner's manual is written in "techno-geek" and makes no sense to me either!

    Dierdew: I agree that this article may not necessarily be "Catholic" or Lent oriented. However, after a grueling day travelling to and from the UNC Chapel Hill hospitals to consult with a specialist over my child's chronic illness, it was refreshing to just read something fun and lightheated, about everyday family life. The chuckle or two I experienced were an added bonus. For that, I am thankful.   

  • Guest

    I very much enjoyed the humor and appreciate a good laugh. The point I think is that we need to be able to laugh at ourselves and not take everything so seriously. I am not quite as challenged in the tech dept. as the author but I do only make and recieve calls and IMs on my phone and that is all I wish to do. I too recieve flak from my kids about not answering my phone (It lives in my purse- it is not a new appendage grown on my hip and frequently gets turned off or ignored if I want some down time). Things are great and do all sorts of cool stuff but they can enslave you if they become too obtrusive in your life. And PLEASE keep making me laugh- laughter helps me blow off steam and keep focused on what I need to look at- now if I could only find that e-mail with the lenten schedule on it!