Called and Chosen

Jesus makes this very clear in today’s Gospel reading when he says:
“You did not choose me, it was I who chose you.” Our choice to follow
Jesus is important, but far more significant is his choice to be
committed to us. Jesus loves us with a love that is so committed, so
dedicated that it takes him to Calvary for us. Our lack of
faithfulness to him never changes his faithful love for us.

The life of St. Mathias, the saint whose feast we celebrate today,
also shows us that what matters most is the Lord’s commitment to us.
In the first reading, Mathias was chosen to be one of the twelve
apostles after Jesus’ death and resurrection. He was the replacement
for Judas who after betraying Jesus committed suicide. The Apostles
drew lots and he won. It was not exactly his decision. Mathias knew
that he had not decided to be one of the twelve. He had been chosen by
Jesus Christ.

We are all called and chosen by the Lord. He asks us to make a
commitment to him, but the commitment can only be a response to Jesus’
call. He has chosen us, and our whole life is to be a response of love
to that call. It is a bit like a wedding proposal. Jesus asks us,
invites us and proposes to us. He tells us that he loves us, and he
asks that we will love him in return.

Let us thank the Lord today for his invitation of love and for being
faithful. Let us also ask him for the grace to be really committed to
him. May all that we do be an act of love in gratitude for the love
that he keeps showering upon us.

  • Catholic Exchange, I’m sure you are already aware that this is isn’t the right gospel readings today. St. Matthias’ feast day is May 14th.