Call To Conversion

Christ’s call to conversion exempts no one. All of us stand in need of turning more and more away from selfishness and laziness, from pride and stubbornness, or from greed and possessiveness. Who of us can say that we have no sins of omission to repent of? Sins like neglecting hospitality and courtesy, failing to return something borrowed, to say thanks for a favor, or avoiding responsibility and prayer. But turning away from sin is only half the conversion process. The other half is to turn towards something better to bring us closer to God.

The easiest way to root out a bad habit is to replace it with a good one, like developing discipline to displace our irresponsibility, sharing more to stem our selfishness, or taking time to pray to cut down on our television viewing. To believe in the good news challenges us to get involved in a good cause, like the war on poverty, or fighting injustice and corruption in all its forms.

It certainly does take courage to change, whether personally in our battle with something like alcohol, or socially in our struggle with something like injustice. But change is possible. For some of us, change is a must if we are ever going to hear the good news and walk the path that leads to goodness. Moreover, according to our Lord, the time is now, not later. The kingdom is here, not some place else. Like the four disciples called in the Gospel, we need to have the urgency to act at once, before it is too late.