Bus Stop Mommy Mysteries

What purpose do mosquitoes serve?

Why does my hair always look PERFECT the day after I make a desperation motivated haircut appointment?

Why do washers always overflow, garage doors get stuck down and cars die roadside only when my husband is out of town?

Why do we go through some much turmoil:  pain, crying, sleepless nights, drooling, diarrhea, screaming (and the kids are miserable too) for children to get teeth in their mouth…only to, mere years later, have them fall out, or worse, pay the oral surgeon good money to pull out?

Why can I remember every single word to a song I haven't heard since 1976; but can't remember what I ate for lunch yesterday?

Why can I remember every single word to a song I haven't heard since 1986; but can't remember why I fell in love with my bridesmaids' dresses?

Why can I remember every extended family member's birthday, wedding anniversary and food allergies, but can't remember to get coffee when I'm at the grocery store?

Why, when my children turn 18, do I lose all parental rights over them?

Why can my 18 year old son check himself in and out of a hospital, fill a prescription for a potentially deadly narcotic, be issued and trained to use a deadly fire arm, but can't buy a beer?

Why, if I'm paying over $30,000 a year for his college tuition, does my son have to sign a permission form for me to sit in on a meeting with him and a University staff member?

Why, if my husband is working 7 days a week to, among other reasons, pay for health insurance for our 18 year old son, does he no longer have any say so over his son's medical care or access to his medical records?

Why would city officials name a street after a filthy rich, mean spirited, spoiled brat of a man who treats them and the citizens who elected them, like dirt; and when he doesn't care an iota about anyone or any thing in said city unless it feeds his greedy coffers?

Why do only weeds seem to thrive without fertilizer, sunlight or rain?

As if my chin, neck and upper arms weren't bad enough, must gravity affect the skin around my knees as well?

What are my dogs really thinking?

Why do socks go into the washer as a happily married pair and come out as Socks Without Partners?

Why does Socks Without Partners, and every other support group, insist on 12 steps?   Why not 2, 8 or 15?

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  • Guest

    Great list!  I had forgotten about Socks without Partners;  thanks for brightening my day!

  • Guest

    Want to hire a good proofreader?


    (Why do we go through some much turmoil:)

  • Guest


    Here is one I use a lot.


    "If computers are so "smart" why do I have to tell it to do everything?"