Bringing Purpose Back to Sinners

All men are afraid of death, be it physical death or emotional anguish caused by tragic events, etc. Our normal reaction to such events is one of sorrow or despair. But God invites us not to be sad nor be hopeless. He has sent His Son to become one like us, experiencing problems, tragedies, mistreatment, calumnies, persecution and even excruciating physical death. In him we have an ally, a friend and helper because he himself has undergone the daily trials and sufferings of men. He understands our sufferings so we must not hesitate to approach him in times of need.

In the gospel, Jesus cures the sick, drives away demons and preaches the Good News of the kingdom. Jesus heals men not only of their physical illnesses but also of their spiritual sicknesses. Many people nowadays are sick spiritually. They either live immoral lives or have no idea that God exists. They are not evil per se, but are enslaved by the Evil One. They need people who can help them. There is a strong need for priests, nuns, counselors, teachers, catechists, etc. who will bring God back into their lives. Man can never be truly happy unless he finds the true center in his life, the meaning and purpose of his existence – and this is to know God, to love Him and to serve Him.