Brazilian Priests Could Face Jail for Saying Homosexuality Is a Sin

Brazil's Senate is currently engaged in a debate over proposed legislation that would criminalize anything deemed a condemnation of homosexuality. The new legislation, labeled the "homophobia law" would demand jail time for violations of the law and would not provide for any religious exception.

The proposed legislation has already passed through the House and was debated last Thursday in the Senate. The Senate members refused to vote on the matter, in part due to the number of civilians who contacted government officials to voice their concerns about the proposed law. Instead, a study group was established to further investigate and acquire professional input on the issue.

The legislation includes wording that would prevent any type of supposed discrimination due to sexual orientation. According to ZENIT, priests who preached against homosexuality could face 3 to 5 years in jail and seminaries would not be permitted to reject applicants based on their sexual orientation.

Some have condemned the proposed law saying that it is religious discrimination. A ZENIT source said, "In addition to the rights established in the constitution for all people, the homosexual, by the simple fact of being homosexual, would gain privileges."

Exodus Brazil, the Brazilian branch of the international ex-homosexual ministry, has expressed grave concern about the law saying, "It will extinguish ex-gay ministry in Brazil for all practical purposes."

Brazil has been a recent leader in pushing for gay rights and trumping traditional family values. In 2005, Brazil legalized homosexual adoption. As previously reported by, Brazilian ambassadors have been the driving force behind a 2006 proposal to the Organization of American States to designate sexual orientation an "inalienable right" with full human-rights protection.

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  • Guest

    In "protecting" homosexual rights, this law is discriminating against religious freedom and freedom of speech.  And in reality, this law doesn't merely protect homosexual rights, it promotes the lifestyle.  This is a distinction that seems to be lost these days.

  • Guest

    Please don't emphasize that point Claire. This law is wrong. Wrong in every way, and you should emphasize this point. Things like this should not be happening again. I see them happening again. People need to be aware of the dark road we are traveling down. – Moisey

  • Guest


         I'm not sure what your issue is with the point I was making.  I was voicing opposition to this law, which is what you seem to be doing as well.  Furthermore, you do not have the right to tell me what I can and can't emphasize.

  • Guest

    To borrow from wljewell,

    remember, God loves you.

    Lazar Kaganovich, your approach in decrying this law is perfectly valid and will help convince some people of the error in it. 

    However, it won't convince everyone who could be convinced.  Some will harden themselves to it because they disagree with chastity as a matter of principle.  To move such people, Claire's arguments are better.

    Claire, please lighten up.  It's natural and commonplace for people to regard to regard proposed choices and opinions different from their own as attacks, even when none are intended.  And from where I sit, Lazar and you both seem to have done so. 

    Naturally, I applaud both your efforts in opposing this unjust and immoral law. 

    Remember, I love you too.

    In Christ,