Brazil Begins Pro-Homosexual “Diversity” Classes for Grades 1-9

Brazilian public schools have begun programs to instruct students at the elementary/junior high school students in homosexuality-affirming “sexual diversity” and other related topics.In the State of Sao Paulo, the Secretary of Education has announced that, beginning in 2009, students will be taught “the importance of respecting the sexual choice of every individual, destroying the taboos and doubts of the students,” according to the state’s website.

The initiative is a response to recommendations by Federal Ministry of Education, which counsels states to “address sexual diversity in schools.”

In Joao Pessoa, the capital of the State of Paraíba, school faculty are being trained in “sexual diversity” for children and adolescents by a program called, “Equal, Why Different?”

“The initiative seeks to bring the child to reflect on and to modify stereotypes and prejudices, as well as to combat homophobia” says a summary posted on the State of Paraíba’s official website.

A similar federal program is being conducted in Dourados, Mata Grosso do Sul, through a program called “Escola que Protege” (The School that Protects).

The regime of socialist Worker’s Party president Luiz Lula da Silva has made homosexual activism a priority, both within Brazil and internationally, and is seeking to pass an “anti-homophobia” law that opponents say would prohibit all expressions of disagreement with homosexual behavior.

Lula recently gave a speech in which he said that “homophobia” may be “the most perverse disease impregnated in the human head” (see LifeSiteNews coverage at

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  • Socialism has been condemned as contrary to Christianity on the basis of its economic policies alone. But it would seem that Socialists cannot help but act contrarily to Jesus in far more things.

  • This is also happening in the USA in Masachusetts and even in some districts of NY and California.

    What bothers me the most about these diversity extremists is the way they presume to know why a person would appose homosexuality and the lifestyle it leads to.
    They assume that persons of faith are just blindly ‘judging’ homosexuals and not coming from a well reasoned position that encompasses a real concern for person who are caught up in the homosexual lifestyle.

    These people pushing this lifestyle seem to be deliberately blind to the real perils of living this lifestyle, ignoring the fact that statistically homosexual men only live to the age of 40 and homosexual women slightly longer at 45.
    They don’t seem to care that when these men die so young of the diseases their lifestyle bring them…(AIDS is only one). Practicing Homosexuals are 15 percent more likely to commit suicide then heterosexuals or homosexuals who are tryig to live chaste lives (‘Courage’).

    These people don’t live in a vacuum. When they die they leave behind loved ones who cry for them, like broken hearted mothers who will now be alone. As far as I’m concerned, these people are worse then drug pushers pushing a dangerous lifestyle on little children, they might as well be giving them crack with their cookies too.