Book Review: Secular Sabotage

Bill Donohue is the president of the Catholic League.  The Catholic League is a Catholic organization that defends the Catholic Church against any kind of abuse.  Some may consider Donohue a bit off putting when he goes up against those who bash or do something insulting towards the Catholic Church, but usually he seems to do that to wake people up to the situation or to meet fire with fire.  It would seem that it is extremely okay to bash Catholics and other Christians while it is not okay to bash Muslims, Jews or other religions which of course it is not okay to do that either.  If people bash or offends Muslims or their religion the offender might receive death threats or even be killed.  This has been proven many times.  A prime example is when Pope Benedict XVI spoke at Regensburg University in Germany about Muslims and some Muslims were offended so they killed a nun in Somalia and other Christians were killed or injured in other countries.  Secularists are afraid of Muslims and they respect Jews and others as minorities in the United States.  Everyone should be respected.  Secularists and many liberals find it okay to attack Christianity which is the majority religion of the United States even though it is split amongst various denominations.

Bill Donohue’s new book, Secular Sabotage:  How Liberals are Destroying Religion and Culture in America (New York : Faith Words.  258 pages.  Hardback.  ISBN 978-0-446-54721-5.  $26.99.  September 2009),  reveals and explores the many ways that secularists and many liberals attack Christianity and Catholicism in particular.  He presents incidences from recent times.  He says that many of these secularists are nihilists who oppose any religious expression being allowed in the public.  They want religion to be an extremely private thing although; a majority of Americans say they are Christian or belong to another religion.  The minority is trying to stifle the majority.  Many of those who bash Christianity are pro-abortion and anti-religious.

Donohue points out that the fuss over Christmas by secularists who want Hanukah and Kwanza to be celebrated as much as Christmas are using these minor celebrations to hide their bashing of Christians.   They say they are inclusive, but the truth is it is on their terms of inclusivity.  Secularists and many liberals hide behind the word “multiculturalism” to bash the traditions and cultures of the majority of Americans.  Donohue and others like George Weigel and Pope Benedict have shown that the secularists are winning in Europe and they could win in the United States if they are allowed to.

Donohue points out how secularist artists are permitted and encouraged to desecrate images and persons held holy by Catholics and other Christians.  Like having a painting of Mary the Mother of God and having elephant dung put on the portrait and displaying that and saying it is art.  Do that to Mohammed and you get killed.  According to Donohue Hollywood and the movie industry is very anti-Catholic and puts out many films that are up-front about that or subtle.  Showtime and HBO have been allowing and sponsoring anti-Catholic shows on their cable stations.  Liberal secular lawyers work for secularists and help to fight against Christians and others as lawyers for the ACLU and other secular groups.

Donohue points out that the Democratic Party used to have a lot of Catholic support from bishops on down to lay people.  Some how he says the party has forgotten its past and has given into secularists and pro-abortionists.  Many Catholics who say they are Democrats are pro-abortion and do not support some teachings of the Church on many issues like women’s ordination, vouchers for schools, homosexuality, and other teachings and issues.  There are though some Catholic Democrats who support all the teachings of the Church, but are finding it more and more difficult to support the Democratic Party of their Catholic ancestors.  Many bishops and lay people have moved to the Republican Party due to life issues.

Donohue discusses how secular supporting Catholics or liberal Catholics can be the worse enemies of the Church.  Many liberal Catholics say they are Catholic, like Catholics for Choice and Call to Action, but they oppose many teachings of the Church and join forces with secularists to oppose the Church in various ways, like the arts, abortion, etc.  This controversy has divided many Catholics against each other.

The reader may at first think that Donohue is just ranting and raving, but he is not doing that.  He points out incidences that have occurred and he documents his various sources to back up his discussions with.  The general reader will have no problem reading or understanding what Donohue is writing about.  Some may accuse him of dumbing it down, but that is not true.  He writes where all can understand what is going on in the United States.  That a secular liberal minority is trying to shut up and shut down the Christian majority.  He and others do not want to shut the minority down.  They just want to stop the bashing.  This book is highly recommended to those interested in defending Christianity and Catholicism and its culture and traditions.

Bill Donohue has been president of the Catholic League which was founded in 1973, since 1993.  He holds a Ph.D. in sociology from New York University and has taught at La Roche College in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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