Book Review: Angels of God

You’re going to want this book on your bookshelf or night table. Angels of God: The Bible, the Church and the Heavenly Hosts is a wonderful inspirational book, which draws us deeper into the fascinating lives of angels. Well-known author, Mike Aquilina lifts the veil of mystery, allowing us to peer into the realm of these pure spirits. The author reminds us that in addition to their many illustrious roles we read about in Scripture, as messenger and protector; angels are also immensely helpful to us in our everyday lives in ordinary situations.

The author’s message that “angels are everywhere” prompts us to want to investigate these spirits whose hidden presence may have escaped our attention. We also begin to comprehend their essential role as our companions for our journey throughout life. Mike reminds us that our guardian angel’s main task is to get us to heaven; always cooperating with God’s perfect plan in our lives.

Through this book, we are helped to recognize that the same spiritual beings that have ministered to Jesus also minister to us. I highly recommend Angels of God as a book that is both very understandable and intriguing. I learned much more about our heavenly friends than I had known.

The back of the book holds a place for prayers, poems, and hymns that promise to deepen our relationship with the angels helping us “enter into their heavenly worship and receive their guidance.”

Pick up your copy of Angels of God and I know you’ll find comfort and wisdom in getting to know your celestial friends. Through the pages of Mike Aquilina’s descriptive conversational prose, you will no doubt feel as if you are sitting down with this author discussing angels over a cup of tea alongside immense intrigue and blessings.


A Catholic wife, mother of five, award-winning journalist, best-selling author, photographer, lover of nature and a lay Missionary of Charity (Mother Teresa's Order).

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