Blood Is Thicker Than Water, But It Isn’t Enough!

Micah 7:14-15, 18-20 / Mt 12:46-50

Whether we visit the royal crypts of the Hapsburgs in Vienna or the Tudors in Westminster Abbey or the ransacked tombs of the French monarchs at St. Denis in Paris, we sense the power of the idea of “family,” and the connection to a family which made certain people special.  The Jews had a powerful sense of entitlement in that regard: They were special because they were direct blood descendants of Abraham — and that said it all!

Jesus didn’t buy that.  He argued that God is ever so much bigger.  God is big enough to open His arms to every single person who ever comes to birth — after all, He brought each one of us to birth!  Why would He make us, if He had no inclination to love us?

When Jesus brushed off those who told Him His family was arriving, He wasn’t turning away from His family.  He was underscoring that for us to be ONE OF HIS OWN, we have to share His heart and His hopes, and not just His bloodline.

So here’s your question: How are you doing on that?