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From Marisa Pereira, “Her Ladyship”

Marisa PereiraMany a day recently, my daughter who is still in middle school, has been reduced to tears by the comments that have been made to her and about her. “You’re Anorexic!” Yes – this is just one of the multitude of judgmental statements made by her peers. Others include “you need to eat more”, “you have skinny arms and legs”, “you shouldn’t wear skinny jeans because you don’t ROCK them” – and the list goes on… Some of these comments are sometimes preceded by “Can I be honest with you?”

For all our politically correct culture, I’m wondering why people – adults, not just teens – think those who are thin have no feelings and therefore you can direct just about any rude personal comments toward them.

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From Dwija Borobia, “House Unseen”

Dwija BorobiaYou know, after almost 11 years of parenting, I’ve finally got it down.  My kids all do their chores without complaining and each and every one of them, particularly the toddler, loves to participate respectfully throughout the entire Mass every Sunday and…

Oh, I’m sorry.  Hadn’t you heard about today being opposite day?

Guys, the munchkin is turning two at the end of the month and apparently she just gotten the memo, because the child has taken to driving us NUTS.  And she knows it!  She. Knows. It.

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From Jane Sloan, “See Jane Single”

Jane Sloan

In addition to excelling as an actor, outdoorsman, polyglot, and philosopher, Blessed John Paul II was a poet.  He penned the following poem about a woman’s loneliness for love.

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From Harold Fickett, “Chasing the Spirit”

I posted the following in response to “Homosexual Marriage: Only Ourselves to Blame,” an article today in the lead section.  I’ve added it as a blog post as well, because I think “home economics” so neglected, and I truly want to get a discussion going about it.

This is one of the strongest pieces of analysis, “Homosexual Marriage: Only Ourselves to Blame,” we’ve published here at Catholic Exchange.  I believe that if we understand the several forces redefining marriage long before the advent of homosexual marriage, we can reclaim marriage in its true character.  This will certainly mean more and more Catholic couples choosing to live in a deliberately counter-cultural way, and that’s happening through the comeback of large families and home schooling.  Two of our bloggers, Cari Donaldson and Dwija Borobia, are part of this movement, as they live (and write) in dramatic opposition to marriage-as-a-benefits-package.

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From Daniel McInerny, “Crafting Culture”

Daniel McInernyWARNING: In this post I am going to be critical of Bruce Springsteen. Those still wishing to speak to me at the end of it can do so via the comment box or the email on the bottom right of this page.

The South By Southwest Conference, better known as SXSW, is the enormously popular music, film, and interactive showcase that takes place each March in Austin, Texas. The keynote speaker at this year’s conference, which ended a few days ago, was pop music icon Bruce Springsteen. In his 50-minute address, Springsteen affirms the dizzying diversity of today’s pop music scene, as well as provides an account of his own musical influences. But along the way, he offers some more philosophical musings about the nature of pop music culture.

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