Becoming “Un-Familiar”

One of the most common failures of being human is that we tend to
take things and people for granted, especially if they have become
very familiar to us. One time when Jesus returned to his hometown of
Nazareth, he stood up to preach on the sabbath in the synagogue. He
met with resistance because he failed to manifest any mark of
distinction. The people did not complain that his message was
shallow; actually they were amazed at what he said. Their objection
was based on the fact that he was too familiar to them. They could
not accept this hometown boy turned prophet. They knew him as the
village carpenter, the son of Mary, a woman they had seen coming and
going like all the other women in the area.

As Christians, we have heard the Gospels many times. We have become
so familiar with the parables and miracles of Jesus that we run the
risk of failing to appreciate them. Perhaps many Catholics put more
faith in the words of authors, media commentators or television ads,
than they do in the word of Christ.

We have a good friend in Jesus. This same Jesus says to each one of
us: “Come to me, all you who are weary and find life burdensome, and
I will refresh you.” May our faith make us realize that we have a
treasure in the Eucharist, for there waiting for us under the
sacramental veils is Jesus, our true friend.