Be ready!

Be ready! How can I be ready? I am a person that is never ready. I am late for school, late for work, and the most I have done in promptness is to be just on time, never too early. I am not good at planning ahead. I am a laid-back person, happy-go-lucky, sleepy head, que sera sera,…How can I be ready? This reading made me go into panic. Will I be ready for Jesus Christ? Come to think of it, I was not late for my wedding. In fact, I was getting ready many hours ahead of time. If I take Jesus Christ to be my bridegroom , waiting for his return, then, my panic lessens. It will be a joyous occasion. One that I don’t have to drag my feet up to prepare for. It will be so special to find a person truly loving me for what I am. Keeping this in mind, I think it is easier to be ready. To be a faithful servant waiting for his master to return. While waiting, I can do many beautiful things… live my life in a different way.