Be not of this world

We know that there is evil in the world. Just look around and see the
state of our country. You won’t miss the marks of poverty caused by
corruption and greed. There’s desperation, lack of education and
extreme destitution. What makes this scenario even worse is the apathy
of those, including ourselves, who are too caught up in their/our own
lives. It seems the plight of the rest of the country is too much of a
burden for us to take on. Or is it because we couldn’t care less
because it’s not something that affects us directly?

An email was once circulated telling a story of how Satan found the
best way to infiltrate humanity. He gave up on blatant temptation
because that was passé (and way too obvious). Instead, he chose
something quite creative. Rather than leading humanity to apparent
evil, he decided to bring too much work into our lives, work that will
make us too busy to spend time with our loved ones, too busy to be of
help to others, too busy to live our own lives, and of course the
clincher, too busy to pray to the Lord.

The sad thing about this is that we do not recognize his evil plans
because we believe that we are busy for noble reasons. But what
happens is that we lose valuable time which we can never take back. We
also lose the all-important connection not just with our families but
especially with the Lord through people who need our help.

If we find ourselves in this trap, it isn’t easy to bail out
especially when we have so many responsibilities riding on our
shoulders. If we take to heart, however, what Jesus has said, “It is
more blessed to give than to receive,” we can channel our business
elsewhere. Think instead of what we can give to our family – time with
them might top their list. Think of what we can give to our neighbors.
Think of what we can give to our country. Then be happy that through
all this giving of ourselves, we have done something special for our

  • miguel

    I wished I had read this homily years ago. I was working 12 and 14 hours a day. I thought that what I was doing was the right thing for my family. The long hours at work ended up my marriage. People take this homily to heart!