Be Faithful As God Is Faithful

Judges 11:29-39  /  Mt 22:1-14

How chilling are those last words of today’s Old Testament reading: "… She returned to her father, who did to her as he had vowed." In a word, he killed her and burned her body on the altar of sacrifice, because God has kept his word and given him victory.

Why are we still reading this terrible passage? Certainly not for its ruthless disregard for innocent life. It has something else that’s very important, a recognition that God is absolutely faithful and always keeps his promises. And what GOD asks in return is that we be faithful as well, both to him and to one another.

That isn’t easy in an era when commitments often have a half-life of days rather than years. But it’s the only way of living that works, keeping faith with the Lord and one another. It’s the only way of ever bringing to reality what our hearts most deeply desire, and that is communion, life which can be shared with confidence, and joy because we know we can trust.

So be faithful as your Father is faithful. The communion you long for will follow.