Bankrupt Souls

While the pro-life movement continues to flourish around the world, there is plenty of evidence of the diminishing vitality of the pro-choice movement and their tired rhetoric. In fact, last week HLI received a form letter about “reproductive rights” from the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts. First of all, it’s very hard to take seriously form letters that have a printed “Dear______” followed by a handwritten name. Not only that, but the senders didn’t even bother to look up the very well-publicized names of the leaders of our organization to address the letter personally, nor did anyone sign it.

The letter arrived in a padded envelope which included a small-sized red hanger. Yes, a red coat hanger, the worn-out symbol of those who mindlessly claim that “women are dying from illegal abortion, and therefore, it should be made legal to make it safe!” More distressing, however, was the reality that some poor college students are already slaves to the distorted thinking of the pro-choice movement, and they actually think that we’re going to go along with them. Below is an excerpt from their form letter to HLI. It would get a big “F” from any college professor who wanted his students to put some thought into their term papers. I have added some editorial comments for your information:

It has come to our attention that you are in a position to influence legislation [it may be news to them that HLI is an international grassroots organization, not a US lobbying organization] that takes away a female’s right to control her bodily autonomy [rhetoric]. The American Civil Liberties Union of Mount Holyoke College is writing to you to urge you to reconsider this issue.

Without abortion rights, women’s health is severely endangered [this is a totally unsubstantiated claim that ignores the damage that abortion has actually done to women’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health]. Regardless of whether or not reproductive rights are illegal, women will continue to seek abortions [this is because pro-abortion businesses like Planned Parenthood and Marie Stopes commit illegal acts and violate national sovereignty by setting up and referring for illegal abortion services in foreign countries.] Internationally, countries in which abortion is criminalized see the same number of abortions performed as in countries in which abortion is legal [fact check 1: the number of abortions arises exponentially whenever and wherever it is legalized]; the only difference is the dangerous means by which it is done [fact check 2: the “dangerous” means by which illegal abortions are done are the same means by which legal abortions are done. Abortion is always dangerous; legal or illegal, it always injures and kills women.]. Every woman’s life is valuable and should be treated with respect and dignity [the only thing in their letter with which I agree!]

Do you want the United States to return to the days of back-alley coat hanger abortions, or do you value the lives and health of women? [We value the lives and health of women so much that we want to save all women from the ravages of abortion everywhere in the world. The only way to do that is to outlaw this dangerous procedure and enforce laws that protect women from abortionists and other predatory men. And, on a more positive note, I would “urge you to reconsider this issue.”]

There is more that could be said on each of these points, but, fundamentally, there is no pro-abortion argument that cannot be answered by a coherent, humane and practical response from the pro-life community. It’s just that the bankrupt souls of those who fall prey to the extreme feminist rhetoric may not see the logic. That is why I ask you to pray for the young women of Mount Holyoke’s ACLU group and all others who are so deeply deceived by these lies and distortions. They are literally a dying breed.

The future belongs to those families that are full of children and to those souls that are full of life!

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  • nativity

    Father Thomas, Apparantly you have not read Father John Hardon’s book explaining the cause of abortion. It is not surprising to me but many people are surprised to find that the leading cause of abortion is fornication. Women abort babies because the child is conceived in sin, hence the women devalue and degrade the worth of the baby and also themselves. These abortive women have terribly low self esteem because of their non-existant moral conviction and the pattern developed within them of fornication. Father Hardon further explains that fornication as well as homosexuality are caused first by self-masturbation escalating to mutual masturbation which is what fornication really is “mutual masturbation” and so is homosexuality “mutual masturbation”. The natural rhythms of intercourse are interrupted to prevent pregnancy in mutual masturbation in order to focus on producing erotic sensations. Lacking true affection for one another fornicators and homosexuals actually sexually and physically abuse one another to intensify erotica. Accidentally a child may be conceived in fornication although the parents are ashamed of the “mishap” and seek abortion which is also a sexual and physical abuse of the developing child. The cycle becomes repetitive. Father Hardon’s book was read and approved by Pope John Paul 11 along with his blessing.

  • mkochan

    Nativity, you have made this exact comment about half a dozen times. I am leaving this instance of it and one other — that is quite enough to make your point — and I am deleting all the other instances of it. Copying and pasting the same thing over and over is not conversation.

  • nativity

    mkochan, How can I even start a conversation when you will not allow me to? My post was intended to find anyone who will converse with me regarding Fr. Hardon’s findings. I posted in several places to see which one will answer. In the event you do not know, barely anyone here at CE responds conversationally and when they do, you delete the comments. I find you highly un Catholic in your uncharitable monitoring of my effort to be conversational.

  • nativity

    mkochan, Your silence only proves I am correct in my assessment that you refuse charity.