Back to School, Back to Work

For me, the First Day of School ranks up there with New Years and Ash Wednesday as a ceremonial and introspective event in my personal life.  Just like the freshly sharpened number two pencils and unwritten-in notebooks, the next nine months are a clean slate.  There are goals to be set, memories to be made and achievements to be sought.

For those parents who work from home, the past few months have been a bit chaotic.  We've shifted priorities to spend quality time with vacationing kids.  Who wouldn't rather be at the beach or the zoo rather than designing web sites or making sales calls?

Now that my kids are back to a regular schedule, I'm giving myself this week as a transitional and goal setting week – a chance to establish my own business priorities for the coming school year.  I should have the same high expectations for myself that I have for my children.  This week, I intend to spend a chunk of time in "summerly review" mode, accounting for projects that remain open and setting time lines for their completion.  Now that my kids are back to school, it's time for me to get back to work!

Home-work for today:

  • Create a nine-month plan, focusing on long term goals and aspirations for the year.  Make two copies: one to consult regularly, and another to be placed in a tickler file and checked in June '08.

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