The author of the first reading criticizes men who worship nature. They are too much in awe of the beauty and grandeur of the stars, the wind, the air, etc. He says that these men should instead worship the God who made them all. Up to now there are still people who are so in awe of the physical world but are blind to the spiritual realities. What a pity!

The gospel, on the other hand, warns us not to be too engrossed with our daily life activities so much so that when God comes at the end of time, we are incapable of reacting correctly. People who live without any thought of God will naturally be surprised by the sudden coming of the Messiah. Therefore, in order to be ready for Christ’s return, we must be conscious of his presence in our daily life. If we are aware of the spiritual dimension of our lives, then we can be more in tune with the movements of the Spirit. Those who listen to the word of God and the movement of the Spirit live more meaningful lives and have better relationships with their fellowmen.