Ave Maria Will Not Comply

The President of Ave Maria University Jim Towey released a strong statement saying in no uncertain terms that Ave Maria University will not comply with the HHS contraceptive mandate.

Unfortunately, a provision in the massive health care reform legislation will now force the University to either violate our core beliefs or discontinue health care coverage for our employees, and in the process, pay a steep fine to the federal government.

This is wrong. Ave Maria University rejects this religious intolerance and will not bow down before government regulations that are manifestly unjust.

Towey said the college is also  considering legal action against the administration.

Towey, a former Assistant to the President of the United States and Director of the White House Office of Faith‐Based and Community Initiatives from 2002‐2006, said this administration’s Faith Based Initiative is “descending to the level of farce.”

To watch President Towey’s video statement, see our Featured Videos section!

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  • Jim L

    Go, Ave Maria!  This requirement by the Obama administration is not only bad for religious-run institutions, it’s also bad for regular businesses that are owned and operated by people who also find this law to go against their beliefs. 

    Talk about arrogance, that the White House is forcing such things on the people.

    Lots of prayer needed!

  • Crazyllama


  • livethegoldenrule

    Now if Notre Dame and the Jesuits would also defend our faith rather than be fooled by “compromise.”  http://www.catholicculture.org/news/headlines/index.cfm?storyid=13336
      Yes, Jim L–as a Catholic business owner, I don’t want to pay for hormones that abort unborn children and cause lots of health issues for women.  Its bad enough to know that the taxes I pay fund the profitable Planned Parenthood!

  • Gary

    Notre Dame and other “pseudo-Catholic” colleges/universities would do well to follow AM’s example.  All too often, many US Church leaders (Chaput, Vasa, and a few others as notable exceptions) do the popular thing, rather than truly witness for Christ.  

  • Walt

    The time has come and this bold and correct stance is what we are all going to have to emulate if we are to battle the evil that is presently in charge.  May God be with this wonderful institution and may we all pray for them and all of us who are under direct attack from the evil one.

  • Marta

    Thank you for being so brave