Joe McClane


Joe McClane is the host of the "Behold The Man", and co-host of "Finding Your Keys" radio shows, as well as an a Catholic New Media producer & Evangelist. He also coordinates Catholic family conferences full time for Fullness of Truth Catholic Evangelization Ministries in Houston TX. He is married to his lovely wife Michelle and they have four children. Joe grew up in the Church of Christ but fell away and became agnostic in his teens. He joined the Catholic Church at the Easter Vigil of 1999 and was married, to his lovely wife Michelle, in September of 2000. Joe attributes his full conversion to a spring day in 2002 when he got on his knees and "let go and let God". Joe's journey went into hyper drive at that point and he's been in love with the Catholic faith ever since. He & his wife are devout practicing Catholics who are excited to share the treasure they "found in a field" with the whole world.

“Pray Boldly: Asking God for a Sign”