Dave McClow

Dave McClow


Dave McClow, M.Div., LSCW, LMFT, is a Clinical Pastoral Counseling Associate with the Pastoral Solutions Institute who provides tele-counseling services to Catholics internationally (check us out at www.exceptionalmarriages.com, or call to schedule an appointment:  740-266-6461).  For over 25 years he has served in many capacities in the mental health and addiction fields.  He is the founder of two text ministries for men: “Faith on The Phone” and “Fasting on the Phone” for Rekindle the Fire’s men’s group and is active on its central core team. He and his wife converted to the Catholic Church in 1996.  Since 1999 he has catechized 7th and 8th graders in the diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend, Indiana.  He is currently developing a comprehensive Catholic vision of masculinity that he believes will be an integral and leveraged component of the New Evangelization.

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