Benjamin Mann

Benjamin Mann


Benjamin Mann is a Byzantine Catholic, former atheist, and incurable philosopher, with experience in journalism, speechwriting, and monasticism. He published a short autobiographical book, “Shouting Through the Water,” in 2014 (available as a free download at, and is preparing a sequel reflecting on his post-monastic life. His current interests center on the integration of psychology and meditation within a traditional Christian framework

Mystique of the City

The Mystique of the City: Illusory and Real

Fear of Loneliness

Finding Release from the Fear of Loneliness

Married Clergy Monastic Celibacy

Married Clergy, Monastic Celibacy: The Eastern Balance

Your Vocation is Not About You

Your Vocation is Not About You

Eternal Revolution

Eternal Revolution, Not “Old Time Religion”

Drug Culture and the Cross

The Cross and the Drug Culture

Religious Burnout

The Blessings of Religious Burnout

Openness to God

Building A Culture of Openness to God

Worse than Persecution

A Fate Worse than Persecution

unconscious search for God

My Unconscious Search for God