Author Calls Kinsey Film Propaganda

A movie about controversial sex researcher Alfred Kinsey opened November 19 across the United States. Meanwhile, his leading critic claims the cover-up of the truth about Kinsey continues.

Dr. Judith Reisman is a researcher and author who been working for more than 20 years to debunk what she terms Dr. Alfred Kinsey's “junk science.” She has written a number of books that expose the facts about the doctor's so-called research and says the new film, Kinsey, is just the latest attempt to conceal the facts about the man who has been undeservedly touted and lionized as a pioneer in the exploration of human sexuality.

And insofar as the movie is a cover-up, Reisman says the same can be said about the Kinsey Institute. She claims that organization has been shrouded in secrecy for decades, and that the Institute's officials still refuse to give details of its namesake's research “because of their fear that the American public will discover that they have been moved into a sexual revolution which is destroying us all.”

According to Reisman, modern society has much to blame Kinsey for. She says the sexual revolution his published work catalyzed is now “wreaking havoc with sexual diseases, out-of-wedlock pregnancies, divorce, rape, child sexual abuse,” ills that she says, for the most part, “can be laid at the feet of the fraud that was perpetrated by the Rockefeller-funded Kinsey Institute at Indiana University.”

The author of such books as Kinsey: Crimes and Consequences (I.M.E., 1998) and Kinsey: Sex and Fraud — the Indoctrination of a People (Vital Issue, 1990) calls the subject of the new movie a monster, a pedophile, and a sexual pervert. She charges that his research — gathered from criminals, prostitutes, homosexuals, and pedophiles — is erroneously being presented as a glimpse of the sexual proclivities of normal, average America.

“Dr. Kinsey was not a scientist in any way shape or form,” Reisman contends, “and he was indeed a monster — a barbarian of the worst ilk.” Moreover, she says, “He indeed was responsible for the most egregious, violent, brutal, unforgivable sexual crimes in American history. They rival the Tuskegee experiments on black adult men.”

But regrettably, Kinsey's research still sets the tone for the so-called “sexual revolution” in America, influencing the spheres of public health and public policy, and becoming the basis for sex-ed programs in US public schools. And now the author who has been documenting the truth about the sex researcher for years is concerned that many viewers will be likewise duped by the new film that supposedly profiles his life and work.

Reisman says the film Kinsey is nothing more than a propaganda piece, “a Hollywood makeover” of the doctor's life, but she is confident that the truth will eventually come out. A recent Focus on the Family Citizen article quotes her as saying Kinsey himself is the weak link, and once the facts about him become known, no one will stand with him.

(This article courtesy of Agape Press).

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