Aurora Mayor Permits Largest Abortion Facility in US to Open

At 10 a.m. Tuesday morning the largest Planned Parenthood abortion facility in the United States opened in Aurora despite the fact that it had deceived the city when applying for its building permits. Aurora Mayor Tom Weisner said that a review into the legality of the procedures claimed there was nothing illegal about the process. However, Eric Scheidler, who has been heading up the pro-life action against the center, has filed an emergency appeal of the decision.

"The city of Aurora has no legal basis to deny Planned Parenthood an occupancy certificate," Weisner said, admitting however that Planned Parenthood "was less than forthcoming in some ways."

Monday morning Kane County State's Attorney John Barsanti issued a statement that Gemini Development Corporation LLC, a wholly own subsidiary of Planned Parenthood/Chicago Area, "committed no criminal action" in the application process with the City of Aurora.

However, the Barsanti statement left entirely unanswered the questions of deception and civil fraud that were originally raised by concerned citizens of Aurora, and the question of what the City of Aurora can and cannot do in response to any deception by Gemini/Planned Parenthood.

Also unanswered is the question raised by citizens last week as to whether the Planned Parenthood building at 3051 East New York Street can be used for a not-for-profit medical facility without a special use permit. The City has as yet offered no legal reasoning in defense of such a use. spoke with lawyer Peter Breen who filed the emergency appeal with the city zoning board on behalf of Scheidler. Breen told that the appeal, according to state law should make for an immediate halt on occupancy and activity in the massive abortion complex.

The appeal asks the city to stay true to Illinois state law and its own statutes regarding building permits. It "asks them to revoke all permits and deny permits filed in this case," explained Breen.

While the city is claiming they have 30 days to respond to the appeal, the provisions of the state law provide for an immediate stay of occupancy and activity on the site while the appeal is being deliberated.

Local residents are wondering at the city's bending over backward to accommodate the behemoth abortion giant while they are held in check for infringements of building permits.

Whether it can stay open according to the city or not, pro-life activists have vowed to be a constant presence at the abortion center to offer women and their babies a choice for life.

Read the full text of the emergency appeal.

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  • Guest

    So, the "Forces of Evil" have won this skirmish with the complicity of "the law".

    There will be a Day of Reckoning as this past Sunday's readings from Amos (woe to you who annoint yourselves…) and the Gospel (rich man and Lazarus) tell us.

    My heart weeps for the young, innocent lives lost on the battlefield.  May they be swept into the Bosom of Abraham.

    St Michael defend us in battle.

  • Guest

    I spoke just last week to a woman from Illinois who had high hopes in working to shut down the Aurora death mill. Sadly it was not shut down. But Christ encourages us to persevere:

    John 16: 33 "These things I have spoken to you, so that in Me you may have peace. In the world you have tribulation, but take courage; I have overcome the world."

  • Guest


    It’s unbelievable and unconscionable what happened there. If any legitimate enterprise misrepresented the facts in front of the zoning commission or any other city commission there would be a hefty fine to begin with then the project would be tied up in court and in town meetings for months. I’m going through this type of procedure right now at a snails pace. After this serious of an accusation against PPA, the building opens two weeks later? This absolutely stinks to high heaven. The excuse was that the project had to be secretive so that workers would not be subjected to protesters. Do you think that the crane operator is afraid of rosary beads? Just maybe he is and would not show up for work the next day. That’s what they were afraid of. This false pretext gets a pass as a legitimate reason in the US, a free speech nation with the law on the sideof PPA? It’s the most lame and outrageous thing I’ve heard this new millennium. The town fathers who were negligent to begin with, that something of this size and scope got by them, all of a sudden have a clear vision of the law and two weeks later everything is justified.

    I’ll tell you what happened here. There was a lot of influence peddling and union pressure all exerted by fat-cat lawyers who use the law like a slinky toy to accomplish their dirty deed. The mayor is now washing his hands, everybody got their thirty pieces of silver and the innocents go to their death. The Nazis built their death camps exactly the same way. The projects were called work camps and they employed the help of those who didn’t suspect a thing. You could not invent a closer comparison than what just happened in Aurora.

  • Guest

    I don't read this as "a done deal".  Yes, PP is up and running, and no, they shouldn't be.  But, it ain't over, folks.  There's still a lot of legal work going on—anybody familiar with Thomas More Law Center?  Let's not throw in the towel, yet!  Keep praying!

  • Guest

    I just got home from a Holy Hour with Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament.

    Take comfort in the Lord and let's not be afraid! It's not over by a long shot.

  • Guest

    The Thomas More Law Center could always us donations to support the outstanding lawyers who fight on our behalf.  Many of these lawyers have large families and are sacrificing "big bucks" for the sake of the Kingdom.  Supporting the Center ensures these people will be paid a living wage while they work for justice for the weakest among us in this world.

    (No, I didn't get paid for this supportive statement.)

  • Guest

    Elka, sign on with them then you could get paid. Your comments are valuable.

  • Guest

    That's all right, goral: Elka is earning her "reward" just fine.  Good work, Elka!