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Assisted Suicide and Care for the Mentally Ill: An Interview with Dr. Aaron Kheriaty

Assisted Suicide

Today on the CE Podcast Michael sits down with Dr. Aaron Kheriaty, the author of The Catholic Guide to Depression and a CE Author. We talk about the consequences of physician assisted suicide as many states consider it and how such legislation may undermine the care for patients. As well we discuss better ways to help those who afflicted with depression and how many saints offer us a guide in dealing with mental illness.


The Catholic Guide to DepressionDr. Kheriaty’s landmark book that offers practical information and advice for those who are suffering from depression or for those who are caring for them.

Apostolate of Death. An article on the problems of assisted suicide.

Stephanie’s Journey, a short film from disability advocates, doctors, and those with terminal illness on why they cannot support euthanasia.