Ask for Grace to Believe

Jesus, says to all these people and to us: “Come to me.” Yes, he tells
us to come near, closer to him. Do you go closer to him when heavy
burdens make you feel low, when you are anxious; or in pain? Jesus
says: “And I will give your rest.” We could translate it as: “I shall
lessen your pain, I shall give you some relief, I shall take your all
too heavy burdens off your back.”

Let us thank the Lord for giving us such consoling words. Is
confession for you a time when you unload your burdens? Is it a time
of peace and joy, a time of liberation? Are your prayer times so many
boring obligations, or moments when you come close to Jesus and find
rest at his side?

Pause for some time during the day to reflect on these words, these
secret confidences of Jesus. Try to imagine how this was expressed in
Jesus’ attitudes, his behavior and in the way he spoke and the way he
lived. In spite of Jesus saying that his yoke is easy and his burden
light, at times we can hardly carry our burden. We find it very heavy.

Ask Jesus for the grace to continue believing in him even when the
burden is heavy and to place your full trust in him. A real surrender
of ourselves to God will give us comfort and fill us with peace and
joy. Our faith, our vocation, our religious obligations should never
appear to us like burdens. Love can only be liberating and radiant,
with joy. By this joy can the true disciples of Jesus be recognized.

  • Abeku Eshun

    Wow, as christians, we really need to believe. God did not promise us that the life will be easy. Rather, he said life will be full of trouble. This is why we have to believe and have faith more in God. To make your faith work for you check out Bishop Dag’s “How to make your faith work” and it shall surely bless you:)