Arizona’s 21-Bottle Salute

Arizona officially joined the South this month. In other words, it became for our Northeastern media elitists a state dominated by backward, slack-jawed racists. The Associated Press marked the passage of a tough new anti-immigration law with the leftist version of a Welcome Wagon: “The furor over Arizona’s new law cracking down on illegal immigrants grew Monday as opponents used refried beans to smear swastikas on the state Capitol.”

Disagreeing with the left – and more importantly, handing them a political defeat – brings a lot of ugliness these days from the forces of “tolerance.” Character assassination is required. A citizen of Arizona cannot be concerned about higher rates of crime and strained government budgets without being Mexican-food-smeared as an adorer of Adolf Hitler.

But what’s truly outrageous if not surprising is that the same media that visibly quivered with anger that anyone would draw a Hitler moustache on their hero Barack Obama now present these Nazi smears as not an embarrassment to the left, but as a way of augmenting the left. The “furor was growing” over the tough new law, they dutifully report.

On the CBS Evening News, Katie Couric calmly forwarded as credible the Nazi charge against those who support enforcing federal immigration laws. On April 23, CBS reporter Bill Whitaker suddenly liked the Catholics: “In Los Angeles, Cardinal Roger Mahony, head of the country’s largest Catholic archdiocese, called the law mean-spirited and compared it to Nazi oppression.”

On April 26, CBS spotlighted a swastika sign with the words “Achtung! Papers Please,” and Couric relayed the AP line that “some of those opponents vandalized the state capital building, smearing refried beans in the shape of swastikas on the windows.” Ho hum.

Don’t these “journalists” see the contradiction? Are they really that blind, or that dumb?

A month ago, when the Tea Party movement brought their ardor to Capitol Hill against a government takeover of the health industry, “ugly” was the defining word.

Here’s David Muir on ABC’s March 20 World News: “Protesters against the plan gathered on the streets of the Capitol, where late today we learned words shouted turned very ugly – reports of racial and homophobic slurs, one protesters actually spitting on a Congressman.” There were no arrests, and no actual proof of the “slurs” alleged. Rep. Emanuel Cleaver backed off the claim he was spit on. The N-word was never used, as so dishonestly claimed.

And still, the Tea Party is “very ugly.”

When protesters are left-wing, how it changes. Look at the Arizona coverage. On the same network on April 24, ABC reporter Mike von Fremd was spinning wildly: “Riot police were called in to try and control demonstrators protesting outside the capital. Most were peaceful. A handful threw bottles at police and were arrested.”

This spin line – that rioting protesters were “mostly peaceful” — was repeated by the New York Times, and by CNN (who called them “largely peaceful”). The Times made sure its photo choices radiated sympathy for the protesters. On Saturday, they stood enveloped in a huge American flag. On Sunday, they were holding a sober candlelight vigil. There were no photos of a cop getting hit in the head with a bottle. ABC and NBC noted the protests, and mentioned neither the violence, nor the “mostly peaceful” spin.

A leftist protester of the World Bank was also arrested in Washington on April 24 for felony assault on a policeman, one of eight arrests. No one heard about that violence. Media liberals may dismiss the notion of violence by insisting that policemen haven’t been hospitalized.

But leftist protests, in the architecture of their organizing principles, rely on making days miserable for police, forcing arrests for disturbing the peace, on forcibly blocking traffic and then going limp and forcing officers carry them to jail. In the interest of drawing media attention, they often plan on violence against policemen and property.  They must sneer at conservative protests as placid garden parties by comparison.

And the tea party protesters are the “ugly,” “violent” ones.

A Washington Post article glorifying this last weekend’s leftist jog in our nation’s capital as a “run on the bank” to “destroy capitalism” offered a telling line. One protester described the expected behavior for their “convergence space” before protest activities, warning “Don’t be a jackass in the neighborhood. Save that for downtown.”

The sick joke in that line is that protesters can be as aggressive and offensive anywhere they want, and they can count on their media sympathizers to romanticize their struggle against whatever power structure that has failed to bow to their utopian wishes.

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  • Cooky642

    Come on, Mr. Bozell! You’ve played with the big boys long enough to know how this works. If you are a socialist/communist/Leftist/liberal, your side is for what’s “right” (forgive the pun) and everything you do is justified. If you are a conservative/constitutionalist/republican (small r on purpose), your side is demonic, barbaric, reactionary and WRONG!, and you HAVE to be stopped!

    By God’s grace, the mainstream media (MSM) used up every shred of credibility they ever had shilling for Mr. Obama. The only people who read/watch them are other MSM members! Nobody out here in the hinterlands pays any attention to them. With the Internet covering everything from every angle, it’s just much too easy to find the truth. We know who we are and where we’re coming from, and their ranting and raving doesn’t matter in the least to us….or, to anyone we care about.

  • plowshare

    Cardinal Mahony is guilty of some of the most gross misrepresentations of the Arizona law that I have seen yet, on his own blog. The blog is not open to public comment. I can guess why: he spouts utter rot, and a carefully crafted rebuttal would devastate him:

    Excerpts and hasty retorts:
    “The tragedy of the law is its totally flawed reasoning: that immigrants come to our country to rob, plunder, and consume public resources. That is not only false, the premise is nonsense.”
    The second sentence should really be describing the first sentence.

    “The law is wrongly assuming that Arizona residents, including local law enforcement personnel, will now shift their total attention to guessing which Latino-looking or foreign-looking person may or may not have proper documents. That is nonsense.”
    Again the second sentence should really be describing the first sentence.

    Where law enforcement officers are concerned, this “total attention” is restricted to cases where people are confronted for traffic violations or crimes, and only mandates that if they have “reasonable suspicion” that the person is an illegal alien, that they contact federal authorities to investigate the person’s status.

    “Are family members and neighbors now supposed to spy on one another, create total distrust across neighborhoods and communities, and report people because of suspicions based upon appearance?”
    In a word, no. The law specifically prohibits racial profiling.

    This is only a small sample–almost everything Mahony says about the law is pure fantasy.

    Here is where the entire text of the law can be found.

    It bears very little resemblance to all the wild claims made about it by the left-leaning media and by Cardinal Mahony.

  • AllisonC

    RE:”Don’t these “journalists” see the contradiction? Are they really that blind, or that dumb?” No, Yes and YES! This question was aptly answered in the article! And Cooky642 has it right. Never, never, never pay any attention to the talking heads on MSM newscasters. They are programmed by the men behind the curtain…all of whom spent a great deal of money to ensure that Barry would be elected. I haven’t watched a commercial newscast in months… it just raised my blood pressure. As for Archbishop Mahoney, his days are, thankfully, numbered. I truly pray that his successor will have the courage of his calling to be a true Catholic and less of a political hack!