Are You Fully Invested in Life?

Jer 15:10, 16-21 / Mt 13:44-46

There is something intrinsically fascinating about heroes, geniuses and other people of extraordinary achievement, whatever their field of endeavor. Where did they get it? How did Tiger Woods, Bill Gates, and so many others develop such seeming ease at what they do? Dozens of studies confirm the same answer: Single-minded focus from an early age!

It’s the very habit that Jesus is urging upon us in today’s gospel. “Get clear about what counts at the center and core of life,” He says, “and then go for it with everything you have.” It’s what most of us would do in business or in our professions. We’d sell everything in order to close the biggest deal of our lives. Why wouldn’t we do that at the core of life?  The sad news is that quite often we haven’t and we don’t. Today is a golden opportunity to begin to change that!

  • Doris Rodriguez

    Today’s Gospel reading reminds me of a catchy phrase I have often heard in evangelical circles which is: “I am completely sold out to Christ”. For years this phrase has captured my imagination with a mental vision of an empty junk store with a sign hanging on its closed door that reads: SOLD OUT; meaning there is absolutely nothing left to purchase, nothing left to buy, because Christ has come and purchased it all … lock, stock, and barrel.

    And through the powerful sacrament of confession, He helps me dust off each shelf, sweep out every corner, and throw wide every window to let the fresh breeze of the Holy Spirit and the bright, revealing light of His Truth permeate the entire room, then He fills it to overflowing with the fruit and gifts of the Spirit. And, when our labor is done, He washes me clean, clothes me in righteousness, shows me how to put on His protective armor, and anoints me with the oil of gladness. I have received the Pearl of great price, my joy is complete, and I have everything I need to remain in Him as He is in me. And what I have freely been given must now be freely given away to other. Amen.