Are We Like St. Anthony Claret?

As a young man, Anthony Mary Claret was really a hard working man. Because of poor health, he had to leave the Jesuit Novitiate. But this did not stop him from pursuing his pastoral ministry. He continued to work for the poor, he founded a religious library, gave retreats, reorganized a seminary, improved hospitals and many schools. His zealous work stirred much opposition in the anticlerical mood of that period in Spain. No less than 15 attempts were made on his life. He reminded his opponents to amend their lives through conversion (Rm 6: 21-23 ) which would free them from sin and death.

Are we, like St. Anthony Claret, true followers of Jesus, actively participating in his work of salvation by the way we live, by the way we treat everyone around us – our helpers, our drivers, our family, our loved ones, and even those who have hurt us and are most difficult to love?