Anticipating MacWorld

 My slow evolution into one of the world's geekiest moms will take a giant step forward tomorrow when I attend my first MacWorld Expo.  My bargain basement "Exhibits Only" pass will not afford me a seat to the Keynote, but I'm still very excited.  My wonderful husband will be taking the reigns of dropping the boys off at school so I can get an early start on the three hour drive to San Francisco.  I am using the MyMacWorld software to advance plan my strategic strike so that I can make the most of my eight hours off from parenting before my time runs out.  This enables me to investigate people, products, and companies that meet my areas of interest.

My first ever tech conference was the Podcast and New Media Expo back in October – a smashing success.  I know that the scale of this event will be much larger, requiring me to have a plan of attack to make the most of my limited time.  My goals for the day are to:

  1. Take in some of the "buzz" feeling following the Keynote, even though I won't be able to hear it in person
  2. Continue to investigate hardware and software options for podcasting
  3. Visit as many of the exhibitors as possible to learn about general advances
  4. Enjoy a day off by myself in the city

I'm sure most in attendance will have more serious and pressing business initiatives in mind, but for me this is a fun adventure and a continuing education for someone who has "switched" to Apple and will probably never go back to a PC. 

Some Moms go shoe shopping for the day…this one goes to MacWorld.  It's official, I'm a geek!


Lisa Hendey, Catholic wife and mom, is the founder and webmaster of and the author of A Book of Saints for Catholic Moms: 52 Companions for Your Heart, Mind, Body and Soul and The Handbook for Catholic Moms: Nurturing Your Heart, Mind, Body and Soul. Lisa writes for several online and print publications, enjoys speaking around the country and hosts the Catholic Moments Podcast. Visit her at

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    Have fun, Lisa. Next year, call me. Maybe we can go together.