Answering Angels & Demons

Answering Angels & DemonsThe theatrical release of Angels & Demons is set to appear in theatres around the country on Friday, May 15. While being hailed as a masterful work of cinema, Angels & Demons is little more than an overt attack on the Catholic Church. This movie has the potential to shake the faith of millions of people who know little about Catholic teaching and Catholic and Western history.

Wrapped in an exciting story of mystery and intrigue, Angels & Demons has a clear agenda. Pretending the Church to be a murderous institution bent on eliminating those who would foster scientific progress, this story paints a picture of our Catholic heritage that denies even the most basic facts of history.

As a response, Ascension Press has teamed up with Mark Shea to set the record straight in the book Answering Angels & Demons. Available for free at, this resource contains 33 questions and answers that dispel the outrageous claims made in the story.

We hope you will download this free book, read it for yourself, share it with your friends, and spread the word.

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