Anger Desires Control

First Reading: 1 Kgs 18:41-46

Psalm: Ps 65:10, 11, 12-13

Gospel: Mt 5:20-26

Anger, at its very core, desires control. When things don’t work out as we wish, we lash out. When something is out of place, we grudgingly bring it to the attention of the one in charge. When something just ticks us off, we don’t care who gets hurt as long as everyone knows that we’re the one in the right.

But, Jesus instructs us to be careful and to diligently watch ourselves. Our blood pressure shoots up, our nerves are rattled, and it’ll take some time for us to calm down. Then, there’ll be regrets because we unintentionally raised a threatening hand to slap, or even more execrable, hurtful words were expressed that can never be taken back.

Don’t let our lividness get the best of us. Through prayer and meditation, we can become more aware of our fragile emotional state and also how vulnerable other people feel about their sense of self- worth. Let’s continue to pray for patience and a calm, collected disposition. It’s always good to knock on a door rather than break it down.