Amen I say to you

Earlier Jesus amazed his disciples when he told them how very
difficult it is for a man with money to enter the kingdom of heaven.
At that time, people considered prosperity as the sign of a good man
that God must have blessed. So if it was difficult for a rich man to
enter the kingdom of God, who could?

Jesus declared positively that without God, it is utterly impossible
to be saved, but with God, everything is possible. Meanwhile, Peter’s
mind must have been working over time. They were following Jesus
through thick and thin, giving up whatever they had for love of and
belief in Christ. Peter, who was always forthright, blurted out, “What
about us?”

Jesus assured Peter that anyone who gave up things for love of Christ
would receive back a hundred times over what was sacrificed. And this
reward would be his on earth and for all eternity. Furthermore, those
considered greatest on earth may be the least important in heaven.
Conversely, those considered the least shall be the greatest there.

Take heed therefore, those who enrich themselves at the expense of
their fellowmen, life is short, and at death, as the saying goes, “You
can’t take your riches with you!”

  • Good homily except for the omission of the promise of persecutions along with our receiving 100 times over what was sacrificed.

    Many people undergo and suffer persecution and don’t understand it as a blessing. They wonder why God is ignoring them or punishing them. I believe the bad must be preached with the good, just as Jesus did.

    This is such a great website and I am grateful for your apostolate!

    May God Bless you for your great work!

  • laurak

    Sometimes people make rash judgements about the poor too. Actually both the poor and the rich can be unjustly persecuted.